The End of the Week

Phew – no diseases have shown up!  No Fifths and no Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease in our house!! Thank goodness! 

On other news – we have a walker!! On Thursday night Alex really stated to take a lot of solo steps.  For the past few weeks it has only been maybe 2 or 3 steps here or there – but on Thursday night, he was standing beside his rocking chair, looked at me, giggled and then walked half way across his bedroom to me! I was so proud!  I really have to stop getting all excited and squeeling as he walks – I think it is scaring him and causing him to stop.  Ooops!   This weekend I will try to get video and post it for viewing.

We also have molars coming in.  I discovered that this morning when he stuck my finger in his mouth and bit – and I think that is why he was up at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30… you get the picture.  Tonight I will be much better prepared!

When Alex wants something he makes this cute caveman type grunt and stares at the item he wants – then he looks at you – and does it again.  So on Thursday he kept grunting and staring at the apple I was cutting pieces from for him.  So I gave it to him – just to see what he would do.  And the little stinker ate most of the apple!!

Yumm... Apple!

Yumm... Apple!

Yesterday we also had a short but fun play date with 3 of my gal friends Cathy, Steph, and Andrea and their babes.  We went to a small park a couple of blocks away.  Their kids are almost 2, while Alex being just 1, so he went on the slides and ate sand while the other 3 ran around and had lots of fun.  It is amazing to see how far Alex will be in just a few months!  Unfortunately the camera had something on the lens, so I’m stealing Steph’s pictures – hope you don’t mind Steph!

Yumm... Sand!

Yumm... Sand!


Harrison and Blair

And then this morning I discovered that I won the Mystery Shopping Spree at BriarClaire on Etsy!! BriarClaire is an Etsy shop founded by two fellow adoptive mommies – Shelley from A Sister for the Bean and Kelly from Life with Briar.  They sell fabulous hair clips and headbands for girls of all ages!!  Shelley has another giveaway on her blog – don’t miss out on it!  The giveaway closes at 11:59pm on Tuesday May 12. 

And today is Birth Mother Day.  Tonight we will be once again talking to little Alex about his birth mother and his foster mother – two very important women in his life.  They are both such strong women who have made such sacrifices and have given so much of themselves so that Alex can have the new life he does.  It is really quite amazing and heart wrenching – they will always be remembered in our family.