This week so far

So far this week has been good and bad. 

The good:

  • Sunday we celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday!  Happy birthday grandma!
  • Matt has been getting up with Alex in the morning so I can get a little more sleep – I Love You Matt!
  • On Monday we had Alex’s second social worker visit and he is practically off the charts for development!  We just have to get the scribbling and walking down. 😉
  • On Sunday we celebrated Alex being with us 3 whole months, and on Tuesday being home 3 months!
  • The sun has been out the last few days… ahhh… spring.  My veggies are starting to pop up in the garden as well.

The bad:

  • I didn’t know we had a social worker visit on Monday – came as a bit of a surprise!
  • Monday we received a call that 2 little girls at his birthday party have come down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, then on Tuesday we received a call that a little boy who was at the party has come down with Fifths disease… So no library storytimefor Alex until we know he isn’t breaking out with any kind of rash. With both diseases you are contagious until the rash comes out.  So we are just hanging low for a few more days.
  • I’ve discovered a friend has thyroid cancer and has to get her thyroid out at the end of the month, followed by radiation treatment.  It brought back a lot of memories about how scared I was waiting to find the results of my thryoid tests.  Luckily my results were benign.
  • Alex has his one year immunization shots yesterday – well 2 of them.  He was missing 2 from when he was in Korea so we have to go back in a month for the second set.  Luckily he only cried for about 30 seconds.  After, I’m not sure if it was the shots, teething, or what, but I brought home the fussiest little boy – who wanted up, down, up, down – which is pretty difficult when you are trying to make dinner.  I eventually put him in the Ergo on my back, but he wanted the pots and pans and wasn’t happy at all!  Not sure who that child was, but he woke up his happy old self today – thank goodness!

So it is only Wednesday morning – let’s hope for more on the Good side of the list for the rest of the week!