He’s One!!

Yesterday was Alex’s 1st Birthday – I really cannot believe he is one already.  We’ve only had him 3 months!!  Actually  3 months today. 

Yesterday was just a whirl wind.  Matt watched Alex while I cleaned up our home for the big party.  I was actually scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees!  We gave Alex his gift – a spiffy new wagon – He hasn’t had a real ride in it yet – it was a cold and windy day here, perhaps today.

Alex & His Wagon

Alex & His Wagon

The party started at 4, and immediate family, grandmas, and a few close neighbours were invited.  We wished we could include all of our friends, but it would have been too large of a party – perhaps next year.  Sorry girls! 

We did the Tol ceremony for Alex.  First we had him all dressed up in his hanbok – not the full outfit, but just the essentials. Some pieces are just way too large still.  The hanbok is the traditional Korean outfit.  At the Tol ceremony a number of items are laid out on a table and then the child is to choose items.  The first two items are to predict the child’s future.  On Alex’s Tol table we had a knife (good cook), a ruler (good with hands), a rice cake (rich), an arrow (a warrior), a book (a scholar), a spool of thread (a long life).   The father is to guide the child over the table.  At first we thought he was going for the arrow (with help from Matt!), but instead he chose the rice cake, and then the spool of thread.

Alex and the rice cake - doesn't he look impressed?!

Alex and the rice cake - doesn't he look impressed?!

Alex and the thread

Alex and the thread

After a great bbq of homemade burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and lots of salads we did the cake.  Now, I wanted to make Alex his first cake – so I tried on Friday.  This is what happened:

My Cake....

My Cake....

So… we had to go buy one.  The one we bought was chocolate and Alex LOVED it!  I’m sure you can tell by the pictures below.

Alex and his cake

Alex and his cake

Do you think he likes it?

Do you think he likes it?

He received a number of lovely gifts from everyone which I’m sure he will have a blast with!  Thank you friends and family! 

Putting him to bed last night was a very special thing.  While he was taking his bottle we had a little chat.  I talked to him about his birthmother and how brave she was.  I also talked about his foster mom and how both of them were thinking about him and that the loved him very much.  Most of I told him about how much we love him and how happy we are that he is in our lives.   Love you little man!

15 responses

  1. What a great birthday celebration! Happy birthday, Alex! BTW, your post made me both laugh out loud (the picture of the cake – boy, have I been there and done that!) and tear up with your bedtime chat.

  2. Happy Birthday Alex! Lucas picked the same two items at his birthday too! I just love the wagon! He is going to have lots of fun in it! Sounds like you had a wonderful first birthday party!

  3. Happy bday to Alex. Hee hee. Hands and knees cleaning? I think the last time I did that was when my in-laws came over right after we were married. Never. Again.
    We try to tell Olive about her past on every special occasion too. I think it’s so great to start early and often b/c then it’s just tradition and never has to be awkward.
    Happy family to you guys!!!

  4. So, I am at work reading your blog like I do every morning and I am in tears!
    What a great birthday celebration! I love the pictures! Looks like you had a great day.
    Happy Birthday Alex! What a lucky boy!
    Enjoy today, should be perfect for a wagon ride!
    Keep Happy!

  5. Hilarious about the bow & arrow, because Andy was totally trying to lay that really close to Daniel’s hands 🙂 He chose the jujubes though…wonder if he would have chosen them had they been really jujubes (the fruit)?! Your party sounds like it was lots of fun!

  6. What a great day for you guys. And what a great mom you are reminding him that there are other people out there who love him and are thinking of him. You are such a special person Krista!

  7. Happy Tol Birthday Alex!!! It brings such wonderful memories of our own two special sons. We wish you many wonderful happy years ahead of you Alex with your wonderful forever family. Hope to meet soon Alex.

    From the Pfaff Family
    Lew, Cindy, Kadin and Justin

  8. Happy birthday, Alex!!! You are adorable and smart and I love reading about your life. I hope one is a great year for you.

    (that’s how my cake would have looked, too.)

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