I have had a couple of questions about what actually a timbit is, so here it is.  Timbits are bite sized donuts produced by Tim Hortons Coffee – the huge Canadian coffee chain.  They are sometimes referred to elsewhere as donut holes – so you might have them where you are too.  There are all sorts of flavours, powered with jelly, chocolate, old fashioned, honey dip… 

Ok… I might have to go buy a box today – I don’ t know why, but I have had a MAJOR sugar craving lately – and a MAJOR salt craving… Actually I’m just craving snacks of all sorts right now… Guess I won’t be wearing a bathing suit this summer after all.   And don’t worry – Alex was not being given his own ball of sugar – he was just getting small bits of the timbits… 😉

6 responses

  1. Oh man, those look good! If I didn’t have the whole Celiac issue, I’d go buy a box of donut holes in honor of learning what TimBit are! 🙂 Thanks for the education. I really had no idea. (Stupid Ethnocentric American)

  2. Alright, now I have suddenly have the craving for timbits too! I haven’t had them in ages! I guess we will just have to go out and make a trip to get some. It will be Lucas’ first timbit.

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