Survived… but barely

So today was the full complete solo day for Alex and I.  He let me sleep in until 7:10am – yeah!  It was going to be a gorgeous day, very warm and a chance of showers in the late afternoon, so we had a full day planned. 

First we went to the market – I had a sweet tooth as I previously mentioned, so I got a HUGE cinnamon bun (which I just ate for desert… yumm!) and some Pina Colada muffins.  Then Alex and I went to one of my favourite summer eateries… Erie Drive In – for a hotdog and french fries.  Turns out Alex is just like his mommy – a sucker for great french fries!  We then played on the back deck in the sun – gosh I’ve waited for this!  Just being outside really can revigorate you can’t it?  We were supposed to go for a nice walk with Sarah & Alex’s girlfriend Gracyn, but Gracyn was napping longer than expected so we called the date off – oh well… next time!

Alex & His French Fry

Alex & His French Fry

Outside in the Sun

Outside in the Sun

Last year's grasses

Last year's grasses

Exploring the gardens - and yes, onions in with my flowers... not my choice.

Exploring the gardens - and yes, onions in with my flowers... not my choice.

Then it was nap time for Alex, and I was able to get a few things done around the house – but alas he only slept just over an hour (usually he sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon) – This might be the beginning of a change in his napping habits since this is the second day where he has woken early.  And sadly this was the start of the day going down hill. 

First Alex woke very miserable – the 8th tooth is FINALLY deciding to pop through… I think – I’ve been thinking that for a while, but this time I am pretty sure it is happening.  Then the power went out (4pm), then a massive storm hit – rain, hail, wind, thunder, lightning, you name it – we got it.  So out came the candles, because even though it was only 4:30, it was VERY dark out – solar lights were even coming on!  Since we live in a semi, the lack of windows on 1 wall didn’t help our situation.  By 5pm there was still no power, so I had to get creative.  We were planning on having leftover “Tuna Rainbow Fish Dish” (fancy tuna casserole), so I decided to heat it up on the bbq for Alex.  In case you are in a similar situation, I really don’t recommend it…  Then we had a situation with pieces of apple…  so that was the last straw – we needed to get out of the house.  Since it was still raining a bit, a walk was out of the question.  Luckily I discovered my mom had power on the other side of town, so off we went.  At mom’s Alex had a bath, cereal, and played around a bit.  I called Matt’s mom at 7 and found out that the power back home had just returned, so it was safe for us to get back home.  

But I was hungry.  So we stopped at Subway on our way home.  Inside there were 3 people ahead of me – not bad – but they were getting a combined 10+ subs – so 15 minutes later we left – and it was starting to storm again!  Alex didn’t know what was going on – he was in his pjs, a sweatshirt, and no rain gear between us … bad mommy!  Then when we pulled into the driveway – it was a torrential downpour… so we ran into the garage and only got kinda soaked. 

But now things are good – Alex is tucked into bed, I have had my sub, and cinnamon bun, and a much needed glass of wine.  Let’s hope something is good on tv tonight – I”m having trouble getting into the book I’m reading for my book club – Luck by Joan Barfoot.  Tomorrow will be better – Matt should be home by 2pm.

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  1. I remember those first few times when Chris would be away on business and I was alone with Alex 24/7 for the first time. It can be tiring not having a break at all, but it sounds like you did incredibly well with all of the bad weather, etc.

    It does get easier too 🙂

    But I swear… Alex almost always got sick the day before Chris had to leave for a trip (or one of the cats got sick lol).

  2. what a day you had with such an energetic little boy
    thanks for stopping by my blog otherwise I would never have found yours good luck in the contest you entered

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