Much Better

Alex is feeling MUCH better!  Thank you all for your tips – they were very useful… especially turning UP his humidifier… duhh.  He still has a bit of a runny nose and the occasional cough – but for the last 2 nights he has only woke up once and just for a diaper change.  No real coughing fits or crys.  So that means I can sleep and get well!  Yeah!

We did postpone the photos yet again until next week.  Sadly they will not be done by his 1st birthday (only 10 days away!! OMG!), but we will get them shortly after.  I am starting to plan for decorations, treat bags, and food – and the all important Tol Ceremony – his hanbok is laid out to be pressed!!  It is huge, but we will make it work.   It is going to be a bbq on Saturday from 4-8, with some family, and a couple of neighbours.  I’d love for all of our friends to come, especially since we were invited to all of their kid’s 1st birthdays, but we would have to plan 2 parties, and that is just too much.  Also on the 3rd, my grandma is turning 80 and we have another party to go to!