Does anyone have any tips on how to help deal with the common cold in a baby?  aLEX has a mild fever, runny nose, breathing more through his mouth, is quite fussy, and has a cough – not all the time mind you, but it is there.  Alex is getting Infant Motrin every 8 hours, he is drinking a lot of water, he has a humidifier on while he sleeps.  I try to use the nasal drops and the nasal suction bulb thing – but he HATES it.  He hasn’t lost his appetite at all which is good.  It is the cough though that I am unsure of how to deal with.  It isn’t croopy sounding – just a cough, but you can tell there is some flem that is sticking in his throat.  If I have the same cold as he does, he has a sore throat too.  Our doctor is on holidays this week, otherwise I would go see him.   So if you have a tip or 2 on dealing with a cough and sore throat in a 11 month old… PLEASE SHARE! 🙂  I hate seeing him like this….

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  1. Unfortunately, what our ped. told us was that a cold can last for WEEKS. And Poppy’s first 2 or 3 colds did. I think they have to get used to “american” germs and it takes their little systems a while to get back to normal. Now, if she gets a cold it usually only lasts a few days, at the most.

    It sounds like you are doing everything right. Hang in there, mama!

  2. Minh has had a ‘cold’ for weeks, finally subsiding.
    We used baby aspirin to relieve his sore throat and swelling, plus really cold fruit shakes, yogurt, sorbet.
    The nose…ah well. Minh hates the suction thing, too but when he can’t breath and we can’t (pardon me) dig it out, we have to do it.
    I also put a soothing salve from the nature shop in town on the skin under his nose to relieve any soreness.

  3. Humidifier on full-blast.
    Nose bulb: Olive HATES it too, but we just hold her down and do it. Not necessarily pleasant, but effective.
    Also, in the bathtub, I use the warm wet washcloth to wipe her nose thoroughly and several times. Something about the warm and wet draws the gooey stuff down…

  4. My doctor just usually says water, water and more water! Flush it out. It is hard when they are little and you can’t do much for them. I feel for you. I usually have one sick, then the other right after. As they get older it does seem to get better. They sleep better with stuffy noses and sickness doesn’t seem to slow them down as much! Keep your head up. You are doing all the right things!

  5. Hiya,

    One other thing – our doc always told us not to treat a fever unless it was very high or if Alex was really, really fussy. A mild fever is there as part of the body fighting the cold or virus, so it’s often best to just let it run its course. Use your best judgment – you know your son best and follow your gut but don’t think you need to medicate a fever 100% of the time. Go more by how the baby is acting – is he alert? eyes clear? eating/drinking? normal personality? A fever of 103 with a happy eating and smiling baby is less of a concern than a baby with a fever of 100 who is lethargic, not eating/drinking, or very fussy.

    Also – recent reports have been that cold, cough, decongestant medicine that used to be available for infants and toddlers just don’t work at all, so best not to use them. Same goes for baby aspirin. It’s not safe to give children under 18 years of age aspirin as it’s associated with Reye’s Syndrome. Ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetominiphen (Tylenol) are safe for infants – go more by the weight versus age.

    Water, clear fluids and elevating the crib/mattress can all help a lot.

    As for the cough or breathing sounding wet, it doesn’t always mean that the lungs are getting congested. Young babies and toddlers have lungs that work different and they can’t seem to clear their throat the way older kids can, so they often have coughs and breathing that can sound really awful, but the lungs will be totally clear.

    Once again though – he’s your son and you know him best. If you’re concerned then see if the doc can check him out to make sure his lungs are clear.

    As for croup – Alex had that 3 times. It’s incredibly scary. It’s actually not technically a cough. It’s a swelling of the upper airway similar to laryngitis. The vast majority of the time, croup is very mild – even though it sounds very scary. The concern is that it can turn bad very quickly, so it’s best to do a bit of reading to know what to look for and what to do. It’s a very distinctive cough that usually is worse at night. We had Alex sleep in our rooms/bed the times he had it so we could better hear him if he struggled at night. The worst bout was when we were in a hotel in Sarnia with him – we had to rush him outside into the cold air at least three times and seriously considered a trip to the hospital but then it just settled down and he was fine.

    Hope he feels better soon – sorry about the long response.

  6. okay, so, this might sound a little bit crazy BUT i swear it’s been effective at our house… when the boys have colds, i always rub vicks baby vapor rub on their feet and then put socks on them under their footie jammies. i also rub it on their chests, and then put their jammies on straight out of a warm dryer. you could try it. couldn’t hurt, might help. hope he is feeling better, soon. it is so hard when your baby is sick.

  7. Prop up the crib mattress with towels or a blanket underneath, vick’s vapor rub on feet but only on feet with socks, humidifier, and lots of water. The nasal aspirator is a necessity even though all kids hate them. Warm baths also help a ton especially with fever.

  8. I’m not the best person to ask. I thought that Paige had a bad cold, so I let it ride. Turns out it was pneumonia. I felt like a BAD mom. If you’re unsure, you might want to take him to the walk-in clinic.

  9. Oh, not fun. It sounds like you’ve got it covered – we also give the kids frozen fruit popsicles and juice … basically any way to get fluids down. Hope he’s better soon!!

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