Does anyone have any tips on how to help deal with the common cold in a baby?  aLEX has a mild fever, runny nose, breathing more through his mouth, is quite fussy, and has a cough – not all the time mind you, but it is there.  Alex is getting Infant Motrin every 8 hours, he is drinking a lot of water, he has a humidifier on while he sleeps.  I try to use the nasal drops and the nasal suction bulb thing – but he HATES it.  He hasn’t lost his appetite at all which is good.  It is the cough though that I am unsure of how to deal with.  It isn’t croopy sounding – just a cough, but you can tell there is some flem that is sticking in his throat.  If I have the same cold as he does, he has a sore throat too.  Our doctor is on holidays this week, otherwise I would go see him.   So if you have a tip or 2 on dealing with a cough and sore throat in a 11 month old… PLEASE SHARE! 🙂  I hate seeing him like this….