After almost 2 months of being cold free – Alex and I have been beaten up by a nasty bug.  It started Friday night, Alex was up about 5 times, then Saturday came the runny nose and cough, and major FUSSINESS.  He wouldn’t nap, so I took him for a long walk in the Ergo, 5 minutes in he was out for count.  Luckily it was nice and warm out so I could stroll around the neighbourhood for a good long while.  But then once again on Saturday night, he was up quite a few times.  Sunday, same thing – but the runny nose wasn’t quite as bad.  Again, no afternoon nap – and it was too windy to try to walk, I think he went down for about an hour max.  But the big thing happened later that day – he took one full step on his own!  Not to me or Matt, but to Matt’s mom, but she had some timbits, so it was understandable 😉  Last night was just as bad – except, I now had the cold too.  Sore throat, runny nose, head ache – I really hope Alex didn’t have the sore throat – I’m not sure if Motrin will help that.  Today I had to cancel our first family photo session because I really didn’t think it would be fair to Alex (or me!).  We have it rescheduled for Thursday afternoon – I really hope things will be better for us all by then.  

But today Alex took 3 STEPS TO ME!!  Yeah!! 

So now he has been napping for 90 minutes so far, I’ve been trying to sleep, but that wasn’t working, so here I am.   And here is a picture of us Friday night… before the sickness began…


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  1. Yuck. The shared colds are the worst. I hope this is the first and last for you guys, and I hope you feel better soon, especially by your photo session. It’s miserable to be sick, caring for a sick baby. Why don’t kids want to sleep like adults when they’re sick?! 🙂

    I love the photo of you two – very, very sweet. And you look great!

  2. Look at Mom….reading a book…no less, lol.

    You guys look awesome. He is such a cutie.

    Can’t wait to catch up for a visit when I come through Stratford next. Lots to catch up on.

    Congrats again to you and Matt. I couldn’t be happier for you and can’t wait to hear more about the journey.

    Talk soon,

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