Great… but BUSY Week

I think this is going to be a Great Week!

– Matt was off, so we go to spend more family time together – Yeah!

– I have been asked to do a little database work for a colleague so that will keep me busy – and I’ll make a little spending money.
– Alex had play time with his Grandma and cousin while I stepped out for a few minutes
– I am meeting with my book club for the first time!

– I get a cut and colour – FINALLY!  2.5 months is way to long to go without a cut – or a colour!  I look like a skunk with a mullet – not good.

– I’m travelling to Beamsville to meet up with 3 other mommies and their little boys from Korea – it will be LOTS of fun! So long as Alex sleeps while I’m driving…
– Grey’s Anatomy is on! It better be a new one.

– It is supposed to be 18C – perfect walking weather – what else can I say!

– We are going to take Alex for his FIRST haircut!  He also is well overdue!
– We need to do some shopping for our FIRST family photo shoot on Monday – we need to match – silly I know!

I hope your week treats you equally as well.

7 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see you again and meet Alex on Thursday! Good luck with the first haircut! Hopefully Alex will do better than Lucas did. We totally matched for our first family photo too. It’s not silly at all! I think Grey’s is a rerun. What is up with that?

  2. We’re looking forward to Thursday!! I can’t wait to meet you and Alex and Lucas and Karen. It’s always fun to coordinate for a family picture and it always looks better too. We’re also looking forward to getting out on Friday with the forecast great temps. I’m getting sick of the wind on my most recent walks!

  3. A skunk with a mullet! Ha! I only wish that’s how I looked – it sounds like an improvement for me. 🙂 Hope the week went well. (Just getting caught up on blogs.)

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