He’s Famous!

Alex has made the paper! 

Matt’s grandmother – Hilda – was a war bride, and the local museum has recently printed a short book on the war brides of Perth County.  The book was launched yesterday and on the cover was a picture of Hilda and her first born, Susan.  So at the launch yesterday, Hilda was interviewed by the Beacon Herald, and in her interview she talked about Alex and it made it to the paper!

Her in-laws owned a store in Brodhagen and sent packages including eggs and the diamond engagement ring to England. Her sister-in-law bought the material and made her wedding gown and veil and then shipped it to England too. That warm and open spirit Mrs. Querengesser benefited from was instilled in future generations and still runs through the family today. In February, the family welcomed the newest addition — a boy named Alex adopted from Korea.

Who could have imagined the decision she made to come to Canada would one day have an impact on a child in Korea?

You can read the full article here.

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