We have started looking into childcare for Alex when I return to work.  So far I’ve got us on the waiting list for a daycare right behind my house, which is actually attached to the school Matt works at, and I have gotten a few babysitters names. 

We are thinking the daycare because of the location and convenience – but the downsides are that we will have to pay during the summer even though Matt is home, and it is quite expensive.  Yesterday Alex and I got a tour of the site and it looks pretty good – there is one caregiver per 3-4 kids, crafts, playtime, and walks occur daily, and meals are all made at the daycare and the menu seems quite good.  The babysitter idea is also promising because we could get one that deals only with teachers children and then we don’t have to worry about paying during the the summers, March break etc., it is more reasonably priced, but there tends to be more children per caregiver and the locations are not as convenient. 

Does anyone have any advice on the subject they could share?

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  1. child care can often be a difficult position so I feel for you
    thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest there are several others over there as well check them out you may be interested in some of them for your child

  2. For us it was location (how fast can we get there if needed!) and ratio. Minh is in a great place 2 days per week (that we waited forever for- all dutch daycare is like that in terms of wait lists). There are 3 teachers and 10 children 0-2 years. It is located less than a 10 minute walk from our house and since I work from home it’s perfect. I can make surprise visits if I want- not that I don’t trust them, I do, but you know…The meals are healthy, no video or tv and they have a wonderful outdoor play area.
    Good luck!!!!

  3. Sorry, no real advice hear since we have not used daycare yet, but one thing I would consider is that with the daycare behind your house, you can always count on them being there/open, but with the babysitter, what happens if she gets sick? Do you then have to find a backup, or stay home? Just a thought!

  4. We are just starting to look for child care for Lucas as well. It is such a difficult decision. I think you need to decide what is most important to you regarding care for Alex. Is it location? Cost? Ratio of children to caregivers? Type of programming? etc… Once Alex is 18 months the cost of child care should go down a bit in an actual centre. Infant programs are expensive to run and therefore they charge more than they do for toddlers and preschoolers. We are hoping to get Lucas into home child care mostly because there are quite a few where we live. We would like it to be close so that we can easily pick him up without having to drive across town. I would also like to find someone who is willing to hold our spot over the summers and not charge us the full rate. Good luck Krista!

  5. I’ve done both a home person and a centre. I loved having a home person because she was above and fantastic, but I have to say I see way more benefits being in the centre. Like Matt, I am off all teaching holidays and my daycare will let me drop caiden to two days a week- which isn’t bad when I’m still getting paid over the summer. The other thing is, I highly recommend keeping him in the routine of going a day or two a week even over the summer or the return in sept will be hell- believe me- caiden took a month to adjust this past Sept, despite already being in full time day care for over a year and a half. It’s not bad for them to have the structure and routine uninterrupted- plus then matt would have a chance to still have a bit of R.R. time in the summer.

    See if the Y will let you go down to 2 days (they may say 3 minimum) to reserve his spot- and then you don’t have to use all of them

  6. Call me sometime and I can fill you in on some stuff I have heard about that daycare I think you are thinking about. Call me if you can through the day at work 273-1000, ext. 228. My advice would be to get him on the list but keep looking. There are so many great home providers out there that are reasonable and will be flexible. Call me when you get some time!

  7. The daycare you are referring to is awesome… Paige went there and loved every second of it. Alex would probably enjoy spending a couple of days (per week) there in the summer, as it’s important for him to be around other kids. AND that gives you and Matt some time to run errands and relax… I say go for it!!!

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