We have started looking into childcare for Alex when I return to work.  So far I’ve got us on the waiting list for a daycare right behind my house, which is actually attached to the school Matt works at, and I have gotten a few babysitters names. 

We are thinking the daycare because of the location and convenience – but the downsides are that we will have to pay during the summer even though Matt is home, and it is quite expensive.  Yesterday Alex and I got a tour of the site and it looks pretty good – there is one caregiver per 3-4 kids, crafts, playtime, and walks occur daily, and meals are all made at the daycare and the menu seems quite good.  The babysitter idea is also promising because we could get one that deals only with teachers children and then we don’t have to worry about paying during the the summers, March break etc., it is more reasonably priced, but there tends to be more children per caregiver and the locations are not as convenient. 

Does anyone have any advice on the subject they could share?