Now that was a first!

My friend Cathy and I took our boys to the mall this afternoon to get out and about since it is raining here today.  We also heard that you could get your child’s photo taken with some real bunnies for Easter – so we were all over that!  So, off we went.  We decided to stroll around first – went to Winners, and the dollar store- no make that the $1.25 store (what’s with that?!) where I got Alex a football and a musical making toy of some sort for his Easter basket.  Then we went for the pictures. 

Alex went first.

There were all sorts of those plastic eggs on the white backdrop.  And since Alex’s newest thing is to bang things together and throw them… well, you can imagine what happened.  Then the bunnies came out. The bunnies kinda ran away from him and sat at the back of the shoot area.  Alex also wouldn’t smile. So, we ended up getting just one page of one of the pictures.  Not too bad considering this was his first photo shoot since the SWS referral pictures.  But then when Cathy’s son started his photo shoot, Alex went wild. 

He started to scream and cry.  Then cry and scream.  I tried Cherrios, I tried holding him, walking him – nothing was working.

I quickly told Cathy we were leaving – it was my first experience of my own screaming child in a public place – and I know how annoyed I get with parents who ignore the screaming – so I wanted to get OUT OF THERE!  I tried to get his coat back on – since it was raining out – but that was a no go – more screaming – so I just used it like a blanket, put the umbrella part of the stroller up and got to the truck ASAP. 

There he stopped crying.

So, it might have been that he was tired, his 8th tooth was bothering him and the Tylenol had run out, or that he wanted the bunnies again.  Not sure.  But he is now happily napping.

It’s not too early to have a drink is it?!