New Look

Well as you know spring has sprung and I though I’d do a little spring cleaning on the blog.  I brightened it up a little with a new style – the header image is from our trip to Namdaemun Market in Seoul.  I also adjusted the name – we are no longer waiting, so the blog is now called “When you wish upon a star” – because as you know our dream has come true!

Today is also Alex’s 11 month birthday!  What’s new – teething… again!  Tooth #8 is coming in…  He is also growing – many clothes no longer fit him!  The doctor has also approved us moving from formula to homo milk, so we are doing milk / formula mixes for now – but so far so good!  I can’t believe in just 30 days our boy will be ONE!

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  1. Love the new look, Krista! I’ve just noticed this week that Daniel is really growing as well. He’s pretty much in 12 – 18 month clothes now and no longer looks much like a baby! I can’t wait to meet Alex this month! I feel like our boys are almost related 🙂

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