I’ve been tagged by Kerry!  So here it goes!

The rules are: 1) Answer the questions, on which you trade one less nice question by a new one and 2) add a new question.

What’s my obsession at the moment:
Trying new recipes.

What am I wearing right now:
Jeans &  a brown golf shirt – but I don’t golf.

Who did I gave a hug, the last time:
My little boy, just before nap time.

What I would change:
My hair!

What I’m eating tonight:
Easy Chicken and Broccoli Divan” a la Campbells

My last purchase:
Purchase??? I wish I could buy something for myself!  Actually I did buy the 1st Rocky movie on dvd for $4.99 last week.  Prior to that… Coldplay tickets!

To which sound I’m listening at the moment:
The hum of my computer and Alex babbling in his crib – he should be sleeping!

Favorite weather:
Warm fall days

My goal:
To be a super mom, wife, friend, and librarian.

What I’m definitely going to do in this life:
To raise this little boy to be a strong, well rounded man.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Kerry, you are a very strong woman!  Thank you for all of your support through our adoption!

Favorite vacation spot:
New York City or Montreal

Favorite tea flavor:
Library Tea from Murchies in Victoria BCThe book I’m reading right now:
Watermelon by Marian Keyes

What’s giving me a lot of pleasure but at the same time guilty feelings:
Watching Young and the Restless….

The last quote that impressed me:
“And just like that, everything is new, different, and better than you imagined”  Hallmark 😉

Which quality I’d like to have:
I’d love to be sporty – but alas I am not.

What am I waiting for:
To stop being so tired!

What was the last thing you have won:
A sock dog from Homemade by Jill

What would your perfect day be:
Going for a nice long walk with Matty and Alex, eating a good meal, and crafting.  Ending it off by reading a great book and getting some sleep.  Oh yeah – and Alex sleeping through the night!

And I’ll pass my tag to..

Christine and Lisa!
yes, you!