What a Great Day!

We had a great day… from start to finish (well… it will be if Alex goes to sleep…).

First – Alex slept ALL NIGHT!  7:30pm – 7:30am!! Yeah! 

Second – we went to the Early Years Centre – a place in our community that provides programs designed for litte ones.  We participated in Baby Picasso – what a blast.  We stripped the babies down to their diapers, played with toilet paper – and then got it all wet.  It turns into “clean mud”.  Alex had lots of fun – and was quite interested in Henry – our neighbours little boy who is only 3 months old.  He wanted to play with Henry’s mud too!

Toilet Paper!


In the afternoon we then went for a walk with Cathy and Blair – and saw some ducks.


And after dinner we went for yet another walk – and went on the swings!  Alex loves the swings – as I’m sure you can tell!


Ok – maybe it won’t be a good ending – in the last 20 minutes he has woken up twice and has cried uncontrollably – I think he is over tired.  He hardly napped today…