This morning Alex and I went power walking with a neighbour and her 3 month old at the local indoor track.  We power walked for an hour straight – with the babes in our carriers.  I don’t know what I did, but I should have stretched before walking.  By the 45 minute mark I had the worse pain behind my right knee – and that was at 9:45am.  It is now 10:11pm – and it is still there!  The Ergo carrier was great – no strain on my back from carrying a 22+lb baby for that long – but I don’t know if the weight had anything to do with my muscle strain.  Let’s hope it doesn’t cramp up tonight!  Matt… I need a massage!

Anyhow – here are some new Alex pics from today to make me smile!




Yep – walking with toy assistance! He is so happy and proud of himself when he does it!

11 responses

  1. OMG – I *miss* those chubby little limbs! Sigh… enjoy them now!
    As for the power walking, OUCH! Getting used to carrying around an extra 20+ pounds is seriously painful. I remember about one week after we got Olive, I was unable to move due to the pain up and down (and in the front and back) of my entire trunk. It was awful… couldn’t even take a deep breath in. So, take it easy, lady!!!

  2. I think we have similar toys I just noticed from the photos…haha.

    You are being super mom lately – book club, power walking, making baby foods… I think you need to rest the knee and get a massage quickly!

  3. How adorable is Alex!!!
    No Lily isnt walking, not even close. She pulls up on everything though. Those faster parents did absolutely everything for her it seems. Not a bad thing I guess, just makes it hard to get things done when you need to. can you believe how fast the time goes?

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