This morning Alex and I went power walking with a neighbour and her 3 month old at the local indoor track.  We power walked for an hour straight – with the babes in our carriers.  I don’t know what I did, but I should have stretched before walking.  By the 45 minute mark I had the worse pain behind my right knee – and that was at 9:45am.  It is now 10:11pm – and it is still there!  The Ergo carrier was great – no strain on my back from carrying a 22+lb baby for that long – but I don’t know if the weight had anything to do with my muscle strain.  Let’s hope it doesn’t cramp up tonight!  Matt… I need a massage!

Anyhow – here are some new Alex pics from today to make me smile!




Yep – walking with toy assistance! He is so happy and proud of himself when he does it!