Book Club!

So I joined a book club!  You are probably wondering how a Librarian cannot already be a member of a book club – and for the longest time I wondered the same thing.  A few years ago, I tried to start one with my girlfriends.  We read Memoirs of a Geisha and met only once.  It was not a big success. Probably due to many of us not living in the same town.  I looked into a few since then, but most seem to have an older member base, and well, I wanted a club of girls who are about the same age, going through the same things.  So when a notice on Stratford Parents Online came up, I jumped on it.  There are about 7 of us that are going to read fun reads or bestsellers.

Our first book is… Watermelon by Marian Keyes!


I started it yesterday – and so far it is funny, sarcastic, and sad.  Looks like a great read!  I am a huge chicklit fan – and can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet.

We meet on April 14th – can’t wait!

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  1. I love Marian Keyes! I’ll have to get “Watermelon” out of my library. I read her latest, “This Charming Man” last summer and it was really good…kind of intense, so it kept me reading…and it was thick!

  2. Ah, chicklit. Love it.
    This is so weird, but I’m trying to start a book club of my own! Our library just came out with a new program, Book Club in a Bag. So I’m trying to inspire some pals in my city to join me. Yay, reading! (I’m such a dork.)

  3. I will have to look for that book. Sounds like it’s right up my alley! Chicklit is so fun. Everything else is so serious, it’s nice to escape with some bubbles and a good book!
    Just started a new one by Jody Picoult. Keeping Faith.
    I hate when my go train ride ends, or when the bath water goes cold… I have to put my book away!
    Enjoy your new book and club!
    Have a great day.

  4. Watermelon is such a good book! It is one of my favourites by Keyes. You’ll have to read the books about the other three sisters too, especially “Anybody Out There?”

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