Today’s Ups and Downs

Today has been a bad day – but it has also been a great day in so many ways.

The Bad:

  • Alex woke up at 6am… cried on and off until 6:30 when I got up to get him – I know, bad mommy – but honestly he was in and out of sleep for that half hour – and playing with his stuffed animals.
  • Decided to make banana pancakes for Matt, Alex and I – first the flipper broke in half, then the pancakes burnt, then the smoke alarm went off – all before 7am
  • I was all moody and cranky after that and let it out on Matt – sorry sweetie – I love you!
  • Mason broke Alex’s new rubber ball – my fault though – shouldn’t have let him play with it too…
  • Alex had a real nasty diaper… and it got on my fingers… yuck!
  • He then didn’t want to go down for his well needed nap

The Good

  • I started my new fitness regime – I’m going to the gym once a week (I know that is not enough – but before that it was once a month – so this is much better!).  Matt’s mom is watching Alex every Tuesday morning for me so that I can go – Thanks Pat!  It felt good to go – even though I was there for only an hour.  I was the only one there – so no waiting in line!
  • I got the first book for a bookclub I’ve joined!  Will talk more on that later
  • Alex and I went to the Perth East Public Library to visit the lovely ladies there – and they gave Alex an amazing gift!  A huge backpack full of toys, clothes – and of course – BOOKS!
  • Had pizza for supper – oops – that goes against the new healthy living pledge Matt and I have made
  • Alex and I went to a Tupperware party tonight!  I know – another one… I think this is the 4th one since mine in August!  Got a set of snack containers and a small fridgesmart container.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings

10 responses

  1. You are a full blown Mommy no doubt about it- once you get poo on your fingers… 🙂 I was so overwhelmed by days like that in the first few months, and it took a while for me to do what you did: recognize the *good* stuff alongside.

    Doing a few things for yourself is the best recharger!

  2. What’s that song? “Mama said there would be days like this…”
    Keep smiling as always sounds like you made it through!
    Enjoy the gym! I trying too! Have a better day today 🙂

  3. Bummer about the pancakes – banana ones are big winners around here! I hope you try again 🙂
    And don’t worry about the 1/2 hour of crying/playing! Olive does it all the time and I think she actually likes a little alone time to fully wake up. You’re NOT a bad mommy! Or maybe I am…

  4. I need to take a page out of your book and start balancing the bads with the goods. I hope today was a better day. I’m totally guilty of the extra 15 or 20 minutes in the a.m. thing. I started it after a year of sleep deprivation. I refuse to feel bad! 🙂

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