Today’s Ups and Downs

Today has been a bad day – but it has also been a great day in so many ways.

The Bad:

  • Alex woke up at 6am… cried on and off until 6:30 when I got up to get him – I know, bad mommy – but honestly he was in and out of sleep for that half hour – and playing with his stuffed animals.
  • Decided to make banana pancakes for Matt, Alex and I – first the flipper broke in half, then the pancakes burnt, then the smoke alarm went off – all before 7am
  • I was all moody and cranky after that and let it out on Matt – sorry sweetie – I love you!
  • Mason broke Alex’s new rubber ball – my fault though – shouldn’t have let him play with it too…
  • Alex had a real nasty diaper… and it got on my fingers… yuck!
  • He then didn’t want to go down for his well needed nap

The Good

  • I started my new fitness regime – I’m going to the gym once a week (I know that is not enough – but before that it was once a month – so this is much better!).  Matt’s mom is watching Alex every Tuesday morning for me so that I can go – Thanks Pat!  It felt good to go – even though I was there for only an hour.  I was the only one there – so no waiting in line!
  • I got the first book for a bookclub I’ve joined!  Will talk more on that later
  • Alex and I went to the Perth East Public Library to visit the lovely ladies there – and they gave Alex an amazing gift!  A huge backpack full of toys, clothes – and of course – BOOKS!
  • Had pizza for supper – oops – that goes against the new healthy living pledge Matt and I have made
  • Alex and I went to a Tupperware party tonight!  I know – another one… I think this is the 4th one since mine in August!  Got a set of snack containers and a small fridgesmart container.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings