March Break

It is March Break right now in our town, and since my hubby is a teacher, we have been able to spend a lot of time together – which has been fabulous.  Sunday to Wednesday we went away with Matt’s parents to their family cottage – about 4.5 hours north of Stratford.  Alex was amazing in the car – he just played, ate, and napped.  And he teethed – oh yeah – 4 new teeth since Friday!!  And we all survived! Yeah!!

There was still enough snow at the cottage that we were able to snowmobile our supplies in – we couldn’t drive in – the road isn’t maintained in the winter.  There was no running water – Matt and his dad trudged water up from the lake for cleaning and ‘flushing’.  We ate great meals, and Alex, considering he was pretty much in a one room area, was great.  He didn’t go after the fireplace (thank goodness!) or the baseboard heaters.  He got his first sled ride and real play in the snow – we have video – but I’m such a bad blogger – I haven’t attempted to upload it yet. 

My Boys Checking Things Out

It was interesting sleeping in the same room as our little man .  He was in his pack n’ play, Matt and I were on the bottom bunk – with Mason.  It was very dark in the room and Matt and I each had cases of being too hot, too cold, too confined… argh.  We have to get used to it!   We will be going up for a week straight in the summer.  It is amazing how a baby creates a whole new dynamic up there!  We are just truly grateful for having access to such a wonderful getaway.

And… Alex said Momma!! Atleast 2-3 times.  He said it at the beginning of the trip – but hasn’t since.  He says dada all the time…


The rest of March Break we are hoping to rest.  A friend is also having a birthday bowling party Saturday night so we will be going out for that. I think my mom will be watching Alex – it will be the first time Matt or I are not putting Alex to bed!!  We are also going to take Alex to church.  We have not attempted it yet – it falls at the same time as he is waking from a nap – but we want him to be baptised – so he needs to meet our minister.  Wish us luck!