Friday the 13th

Since it is Friday the 13th, I thought I’d share 13 things about Alex that I love.

  1. I LOVE his smile – he has the most adorable smile – including 1 dimple on his left hand side.
  2. I LOVE that last night he slept from 8pm to 7:20am!  No diaper or bottle needed – may have been the Motrin – did I mention that 2 more teeth are coming in on the top!
  3. I LOVE that this morning he let me change his diaper with out squirming!
  4. I LOVE that Alex now loves to have storytime – he even turns the pages for me
  5. I LOVE giving Alex his bottle – he stares into my eyes.  It is wonderful bonding.
  6. I LOVE that he says dada… any day will be mama (I hope)
  7. I LOVE his little kisses (when he gives them… he is very picky about that).  They are open mouth slobbers!
  8. I LOVE that Alex loves his bath.  When it is bath time, we undress him in his bedroom and then motors tot he bathroom to watch his bath fill up.  Once in he splashes like crazy!
  9. I LOVE to dance with Alex – Alex is a big Madam Gaga and Beyonce fan…
  10. I LOVE that he is very adventurous – he loves to explore and get himself into mischief – but it is very cute watching him!
  11. While I hope it doesn’t cause any damage to his teeth, I LOVE the way he sucks on his two fingers – except when he is eating – that is annoying!
  12. I LOVE this little expression of force he puts on when he pulls on things such as his rings – like he is trying to lift a 100lb barbell – like it is a huge strain- adorable
  13. I LOVE that he is our son!

Alex and Mommy!

10 responses

  1. Hi!! Congrats on your beautiful son!!! Not sure if you remember me – but we were PRIDE buddies! We are still waiting for a referral. Check out our blog some time

  2. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?! Daniel is smiling and giggling so much these days. I think we might be in between teeth. He currently has four on top and two down below. How about Alex?

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