Futura Rewards

In Canada, I’ve discovered a way to earn a few extra bucks for your child’s education fund.  It is called Futura Rewards.  All you need to do is keep the UPC codes from participating companies and you can submit them for money!  For instance, labels from Heinz Baby cereal is worth $.20 each, Motrin is worth $.50, Pampers is worth $.50 each.  If you live in a larger city, you can even get points at your local grocery store, just by shopping there!  You can even shop online and get 15% of what you purchase back in Futura Rewards!   If you don’t want to save for your child, you can get a cash payout or use it for debt repayment – whatever works!

I’m collecting the UPC codes on the labels – and hey, if I can earn $100 for Alex, ammertized over 18 years… that might just be $125 for him.  I know – but every bit helps!  So, friends if you have a second, and you are not going to participate, why not keep your labels for me? I’d really appreciate it!