One Month!

I can’t believe how time flies.  Today marks one month home with Alex.  It feels like a blink of an eye.  We’ve gone through jetlag and sleep deprivation, colds, meeting many new people, and the beginnings of kisses and cuddling.  Alex now claps (well, almost), bangs things together, enjoys listening to stories – especially books with fuzzy pieces, crawls up stairs, is very vocal, sleeps almost 12 hours a night (remember it was only 6-7 when we got him!), eats ALOT, and now doesn’t mind the car seat.  He even says the occassional dada.

Alex when he first came homeAlex home in early February

Alex today – I tried and tried for a good picture with his “I Love Mommy” tee on – but this is what I got…

Alex #1


Alex #2



Yep – lots of drool… and leftovers from water in the sippy cup.  Just LOVE our little man!!