My Thrasher

As I mentioned previously, Alex can be a bit of a thrasher in bed.  He moves from one end of his crib to another about 5 times a night – and of course, he bangs his head since I had chosen against bumper pads.  Well, my decision has changed.  Alex now has bumper pads.  I dont’ feel bad putting them in because Alex is a very strong little guy and will roll over if needed.  He also slept on a thick comforter when in Korea, so he is really used to padding. 

I made the bumper pads out of the fabric I had bought to make a crib skirt, but since the crib when lowered doesn’t need a skirt, I had lots to use.  I also made them with a pattern out of my own imagination – so they are not perfect and do nott cover the corners… oops!  But that just leaves spaces for Alex’s little animals. 

It felt good to be back at the sewing machine! I have an order from a friend for 1 weirdo and 3 bunnies – so I have to get sewing!


Pads 2Bumper Pads 1

11 responses

  1. Love the fabric! Olive is a thrasher too. I can’t tell you how many times I’d wake up with a foot in my lower back and Olive completely upside-down from the way she went to sleep. She still, to this day, bangs into the side of the crib. But we figure we gotta toughen her up, let her know the limits. 😉

  2. Looks great, Krista! We love our bumper pads too. Now, if we could just get Daniel to stay in his crib ALL night! He is now waking up in our bed every morning. Oh well!

  3. Great job on the bumper pads! I love the pattern. We’ve had bumper pads since Adam came home, and we love them. Adam tends to push his head into them to get comfortable.

  4. They are beautiful!
    We didn’t want to use them but had a similar problem. Put them in and it was fine. Now they are out again after only a few months and Minh doesn’t thrash anymore.

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