My Thrasher

As I mentioned previously, Alex can be a bit of a thrasher in bed.  He moves from one end of his crib to another about 5 times a night – and of course, he bangs his head since I had chosen against bumper pads.  Well, my decision has changed.  Alex now has bumper pads.  I dont’ feel bad putting them in because Alex is a very strong little guy and will roll over if needed.  He also slept on a thick comforter when in Korea, so he is really used to padding. 

I made the bumper pads out of the fabric I had bought to make a crib skirt, but since the crib when lowered doesn’t need a skirt, I had lots to use.  I also made them with a pattern out of my own imagination – so they are not perfect and do nott cover the corners… oops!  But that just leaves spaces for Alex’s little animals. 

It felt good to be back at the sewing machine! I have an order from a friend for 1 weirdo and 3 bunnies – so I have to get sewing!


Pads 2Bumper Pads 1