Today I’m celebrating!  What are you celebrating you ask?


  1. It is a beautiful warm day today.
  2. As of today there have been 1000 comments on our blog!! 
  3. Alex is getting yet ANOTHER tooth!  His 7th – this one is on the bottom.

How am I celebrating?

I’m giving away one of my Wacky Weirdos!  It can be one of my frogs or rabbits – in blue, purple, green or pink.

How can you win?

Visit my etsy shop, you can see the frogs and “wabbits” and leave a comment on this post as to animal you would like and the colour.  Also in your comment be sure to leave a reason why you are celebrating today!

On April 1st at 12noon I will make a draw by random number generator for the winner!

Good luck and happy celebrating!

Earth Hour

Tonight is Earth Hour!  It’s easy to participate.  From 8:30 – 9:30pm tonight, simply turn off the lights!  Enjoy a candle lit dinner.  Play Monopoly by candle light.  Or just sit outside and enjoy the darkness.  How romantic!  Why participate?  By turning off your lights, you are voting for the Earth – not for global warming.  The goal is to reach 1 billion votes!  Vote Today!  What’s 60 minutes?

For more information about Earth Hour, visit their website at http://www.earthhour.org

What a Great Day!

We had a great day… from start to finish (well… it will be if Alex goes to sleep…).

First – Alex slept ALL NIGHT!  7:30pm – 7:30am!! Yeah! 

Second – we went to the Early Years Centre – a place in our community that provides programs designed for litte ones.  We participated in Baby Picasso – what a blast.  We stripped the babies down to their diapers, played with toilet paper – and then got it all wet.  It turns into “clean mud”.  Alex had lots of fun – and was quite interested in Henry – our neighbours little boy who is only 3 months old.  He wanted to play with Henry’s mud too!

Toilet Paper!


In the afternoon we then went for a walk with Cathy and Blair – and saw some ducks.


And after dinner we went for yet another walk – and went on the swings!  Alex loves the swings – as I’m sure you can tell!


Ok – maybe it won’t be a good ending – in the last 20 minutes he has woken up twice and has cried uncontrollably – I think he is over tired.  He hardly napped today…


This morning Alex and I went power walking with a neighbour and her 3 month old at the local indoor track.  We power walked for an hour straight – with the babes in our carriers.  I don’t know what I did, but I should have stretched before walking.  By the 45 minute mark I had the worse pain behind my right knee – and that was at 9:45am.  It is now 10:11pm – and it is still there!  The Ergo carrier was great – no strain on my back from carrying a 22+lb baby for that long – but I don’t know if the weight had anything to do with my muscle strain.  Let’s hope it doesn’t cramp up tonight!  Matt… I need a massage!

Anyhow – here are some new Alex pics from today to make me smile!




Yep – walking with toy assistance! He is so happy and proud of himself when he does it!

Book Club!

So I joined a book club!  You are probably wondering how a Librarian cannot already be a member of a book club – and for the longest time I wondered the same thing.  A few years ago, I tried to start one with my girlfriends.  We read Memoirs of a Geisha and met only once.  It was not a big success. Probably due to many of us not living in the same town.  I looked into a few since then, but most seem to have an older member base, and well, I wanted a club of girls who are about the same age, going through the same things.  So when a notice on Stratford Parents Online came up, I jumped on it.  There are about 7 of us that are going to read fun reads or bestsellers.

Our first book is… Watermelon by Marian Keyes!


I started it yesterday – and so far it is funny, sarcastic, and sad.  Looks like a great read!  I am a huge chicklit fan – and can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet.

We meet on April 14th – can’t wait!

Today’s Ups and Downs

Today has been a bad day – but it has also been a great day in so many ways.

The Bad:

  • Alex woke up at 6am… cried on and off until 6:30 when I got up to get him – I know, bad mommy – but honestly he was in and out of sleep for that half hour – and playing with his stuffed animals.
  • Decided to make banana pancakes for Matt, Alex and I – first the flipper broke in half, then the pancakes burnt, then the smoke alarm went off – all before 7am
  • I was all moody and cranky after that and let it out on Matt – sorry sweetie – I love you!
  • Mason broke Alex’s new rubber ball – my fault though – shouldn’t have let him play with it too…
  • Alex had a real nasty diaper… and it got on my fingers… yuck!
  • He then didn’t want to go down for his well needed nap

The Good

  • I started my new fitness regime – I’m going to the gym once a week (I know that is not enough – but before that it was once a month – so this is much better!).  Matt’s mom is watching Alex every Tuesday morning for me so that I can go – Thanks Pat!  It felt good to go – even though I was there for only an hour.  I was the only one there – so no waiting in line!
  • I got the first book for a bookclub I’ve joined!  Will talk more on that later
  • Alex and I went to the Perth East Public Library to visit the lovely ladies there – and they gave Alex an amazing gift!  A huge backpack full of toys, clothes – and of course – BOOKS!
  • Had pizza for supper – oops – that goes against the new healthy living pledge Matt and I have made
  • Alex and I went to a Tupperware party tonight!  I know – another one… I think this is the 4th one since mine in August!  Got a set of snack containers and a small fridgesmart container.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings

Baby Gates… again

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried the Summer Infant ‘Sure & Secure’ Super-wide Gate system.  We are considering it – the stairs and banisters do not match up and each gate we have tried so far has pretty much needed to be returned.  But I want real life reviews – good or bad is fine.  I read a few online – mainly good – but a few people have had problems with velcro on the doors.  Anyhow – if you have tried it please let us know – before we spend $120!



Finally – yesterday was the first day of spring – and it was a beautiful sunny day – a little on the cool side, but the sun made me forget about that.  To celebrate Spring, we did absolutely nothing!  Matt, Alex and I just hung out – played, and had fun.  Alex actually was a little on the cranky side – every few minutes he would fuss and want to be picked up – then he wanted down, then up… you get the picture.  We hung out outside for a little while – Alex in his exersaucer and and Matt and I in our Muskoka Chairs.  Alex isn’t a fan of the brightness of the sun – but he also isn’t a fan of sunglasses or his ball caps yet… While outside we discovered our bulbs are sprouting – tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.  I can’t wait for spring smells!

And of course, since we do live in Canada… today the forecast is calling for snow.

Fussy Pants


Such a little man!

March Break

It is March Break right now in our town, and since my hubby is a teacher, we have been able to spend a lot of time together – which has been fabulous.  Sunday to Wednesday we went away with Matt’s parents to their family cottage – about 4.5 hours north of Stratford.  Alex was amazing in the car – he just played, ate, and napped.  And he teethed – oh yeah – 4 new teeth since Friday!!  And we all survived! Yeah!!

There was still enough snow at the cottage that we were able to snowmobile our supplies in – we couldn’t drive in – the road isn’t maintained in the winter.  There was no running water – Matt and his dad trudged water up from the lake for cleaning and ‘flushing’.  We ate great meals, and Alex, considering he was pretty much in a one room area, was great.  He didn’t go after the fireplace (thank goodness!) or the baseboard heaters.  He got his first sled ride and real play in the snow – we have video – but I’m such a bad blogger – I haven’t attempted to upload it yet. 

My Boys Checking Things Out

It was interesting sleeping in the same room as our little man .  He was in his pack n’ play, Matt and I were on the bottom bunk – with Mason.  It was very dark in the room and Matt and I each had cases of being too hot, too cold, too confined… argh.  We have to get used to it!   We will be going up for a week straight in the summer.  It is amazing how a baby creates a whole new dynamic up there!  We are just truly grateful for having access to such a wonderful getaway.

And… Alex said Momma!! Atleast 2-3 times.  He said it at the beginning of the trip – but hasn’t since.  He says dada all the time…


The rest of March Break we are hoping to rest.  A friend is also having a birthday bowling party Saturday night so we will be going out for that. I think my mom will be watching Alex – it will be the first time Matt or I are not putting Alex to bed!!  We are also going to take Alex to church.  We have not attempted it yet – it falls at the same time as he is waking from a nap – but we want him to be baptised – so he needs to meet our minister.  Wish us luck!