Another Congratulations!

Congratulations to my blogging buddy Christine and her husband as they accepted a referral yesterday for a beautiful baby boy!  I’ve wanted to say that for SO LONG!  I can’t wait to hear more about this little guy!  So wish I could join their “referral party” this weekend!  But alas they live a little too far away… but that is the great thing about the adoption blogging community.  You get to celebrate in everyone’s joys and be support for one another in the hard times, even if it is virtually.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have close “physical” friends who understand and have gone through the highs and lows of the adoption process, the web however has made this possible.I know for myself, I have relied so much on my ebuddies support through the past year – and will continue to in years to come.  

So again – Cheers to Christine and Doug and their baby boy – We will be toasting you all tonight!