On the Mend

It looks like we are on the mend.  Alex is feeling much better and Matt and I are slowly getting there.  We went and bought a humidifier and a nasal aspirator – haven’t used the aspirator – but it is there for next time.  I hope the humidifier works – if nothing else it will be a white noise maker = although I am a little afraid of providing a white noise because what about when we travel or if he has a sleepover?  If there isn’t the same sound, he might not sleep…  we will see.  Speaking of sleep things seem to be getting better.  Here is our current sleep schedule:

Wake at 7:15am
Nap 10am – 11am
Nap 2:30pm-4pm
Bed 8pm
Wakes once through the night (he might cry a tad in his sleep but is quiet again within a few minutes)

I think that is pretty good for now!  Especially considering it has only been 3 weeks since we have had him – 3 weeks today actually! 

Alex and I went to a really nice baby shower at my mom’s on Sunday – Thanks Mom!  Also thank you to my aunts, cousins and friends for the lovely gifts!  And to those who couldn’t make it because of the weather we will see you soon! 

Alex and my mom

Today was really fun – after morning nap, Alex and I went on an adventure – to the Library!  We got Alex his first card and used it for the first time too.  He got some board books and 2 Baby Einstein dvds.  Fun Fun Fun!  Of course, the card had to go straight into his mouth.

Alex and his Library Card

It really is amazing how things change in just a short 3 weeks.  Alex is growing – a lot!  There are some outfits that I think he will only get 1 or 2 wears out of before they won’t fit anymore.  We also have changed so much too – mainly we are tired.  I think once our colds are gone things will seem much better in that regard.  We are also much more scheduled.  In an attempt to become more organized, I have found these really cool Daily Docket printables from the Simple Mom website – they help you organize dinner, your to do’s, and any schedule musts.  Especially with a cold, I have forgotten the occasional to do, so I hope this helps!