Sick Baby

So our little man is sick.  I’ve never had to care for a sick baby before so this is all so new!  He mainly has a really funny noes and sneezes occasionally – poor guy!  Even with the lotion Kleenexs his nose is pretty red and tender.  I’ve started to add some Vaseline to it to ease some of the pain… We are also using saline drops and I think they are helping.  We will be getting a humidifier for sure after this!  Alex is down for nap #2 right now – this morning he napped for 2.5 hours.  He was so cranky!

So now I’m off to scrub the floor.  Tomorrow we have the fist social worker visit.  I know we are going to get slack about the baby gates…  We are working on it – but due to Alex’s cold and the snowstorm outside we havent’ been able to venture very far!

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  1. Colds are not fun because you can’t do much. Don’t be afraid to give him a small dose of baby tylenol if he needs it. I find it can help make them a little less cranky, even if you don’t use the recommended full dose. Also, when he sleeps I have heard if you rub a bit of vaseline under his nose it will help him breathe. I have tried it and it does seem to help a bit. If he drinks water, get him to drink lots. That definitely helps move things through quickly!

  2. Poor baby! Vaseline works well. We also found some great baby lotion – Aveeno. Will he tolerate one of those nose suction bulbs? Then you don’t need a tissue as much. And I agree on the Tylenol – everyone needs their sleep. Desperate times… desperate measures. Hang in there!
    And don’t worry about the social worker! They’re people too and will probably understand that you’ve been overwhelmed.

  3. Bummer! Even though it’s not something most babies enjoy (who would???), a nose suction-thingy does wonders to clear it out. And yes, water is super important. You are getting initiated quite quick!

  4. First time with a sick baby is the worst! Within a day of Poppy having a cold/runny nose, she’ll usually start crying when she sees me reaching for the tissues – that’s how sensitive her little nose gets. Have you tried Aquaphor? It’s like concentrated vaseline and works great on noses (we also use it for diaper rashes and dry skin) and we also put tons of vaseline on Poppy’s feet before she goes to bed (sounds weird, but seems to work), and we also found out the hard way that a humidifier is a must during the cold months. Hope your little guy feels better soon!

  5. I also recommend the humidifier– we bought one the week Adam came home and got a horrible cold. They definitely seem to be a must during the winter. We have Adam’s on every night since it is just so dry outside. Adam abhors kleenex too, but I use the Puffs ones with the lotion and they work wonders to keep the red nose at bay. I hope Alex feels better soon! I am sure it won’t keep him down for too long.

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