Thanks for the suggestions on how to deal with Alex’s cold. I now know why everyone says you NEED a humidifier!  It’s going on the list.  On the upside he seems to be feeling much better – not as much of a runny nose at least – but a lot more drool.  He also had an adorable giggling fit after dinner – he learned how to use his sippy cup and thought it was the funniest thing!  Love him!!  On the downside is that both Matt and I feel it coming on.  I have a terribly sore throat and Matt has the sniffles.  Oh boy.  Off to the pharmacy…

Sick Baby

So our little man is sick.  I’ve never had to care for a sick baby before so this is all so new!  He mainly has a really funny noes and sneezes occasionally – poor guy!  Even with the lotion Kleenexs his nose is pretty red and tender.  I’ve started to add some Vaseline to it to ease some of the pain… We are also using saline drops and I think they are helping.  We will be getting a humidifier for sure after this!  Alex is down for nap #2 right now – this morning he napped for 2.5 hours.  He was so cranky!

So now I’m off to scrub the floor.  Tomorrow we have the fist social worker visit.  I know we are going to get slack about the baby gates…  We are working on it – but due to Alex’s cold and the snowstorm outside we havent’ been able to venture very far!