First Dr. Apt.

Today was Alex’s first Doctor’s appointment.  It was a date for just Alex and I – Matt unfortunately had to work.  Alex weighed in at 21lb 12oz – a big boy!   He also woke up today with a cold, runny nose and a bit of a cough, so luckily I was able to ask questions on how to care for a sick baby!   We were concerned about his belly button – if you remember from back in November we found out his navel was a little inflamed and he needed some special ointment – and it is still red.  The Dr. said that it was fine and to just continue with the ointment.  When we were there Alex spit up all over me – isn’t that the way!  Also last night during our mid night diaper change I think I must have scratched his back with my ring – either that or I haven’t trimmed his nails nearly enough!  So of course I got the “What do we have here” question… made me feel like a bit of a bad mommy.  All in all the doctors said Alex is doing perfect and he will see him again in 6 weeks!

Wish me luck with the nasal drops this afternoon…

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