Happy Family Day!

Today in Canada is Family Day – Family Day is a day that you are supposed to spend enjoying time with your family. 

So from our family to yours, happy Family Day!

The Robinsons

We spent the day just hanging out together.  Alex has been bypassing his afternoon nap the last couple of days and as a result, has been waking only once in the night (around 11pm) for around an hour, and then sleeping in until almost 9am!  Love this little guy!  Matt has been on “night duty” this weekend so we will see how he reacts tonight to me being on.  We bought a stroller yesterday and took a nice walk this afternoon.  Unfortunately a little snow squall brew up while we were out, but we got home before Alex got too cold.  Matt’s trying to get baby gates up – but they are NOT EASY!  Our doorways are all uneven and some don’t have enough wall / banister space to put up a proper gate.  We will see what the social worker says on Friday on that one.

7 responses

  1. Here’s my two favorite things in that adorable pic…
    1. Mason! 🙂 (What can I say?! I’m a dog lover!)
    2. Alex sucking his two fingers!

    Now spill – what kind of stroller did you get?!

  2. Happy Family Day! What a great family picture, and I gotta say that I just love that Alex sucks his fingers like that – how cute! Good luck with the gates! Hope you can find some good solutions. We bought ours from a place in Kitchener on Manitou Drive 🙂

  3. What a great family day photo shot! I’m glad you had a great first one together. How awesome that Alex has only waken up once in the night, the last couple of nights. That’s a great start! Waking up at 9 a.m. must be heavenly– I don’t think Adam has EVER slept that late, even if he has gone to bed late. I’m sure you’re starting to see things fall into place with routine.

  4. if you can keep that schedule- with just one nap a day or having two small naps that equal the larger one nap, then you should keep getting more sleep at night!


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