One Week Home!

As of late last night we have been home one whole week!  It has flown by so quickly – but at times has seemed so long…. 

A few cute quick facts about our little man:

  • he sucks 2 fingers – the 2 beside the baby finger – adorable!
  • he loves to have bath time – loves to splash around
  • he loves his sweet potatoes!
  • he loves his Sophie the Giraffe – especially since he is teething!
  • he laughs uncontrollably when you tickle his toes – I discovered this tonight and will try to get video footage – it is really priceless!

Today we took a walk to the school that Matt works at and did a little Show and Tell with all the staff – the ladies just loved him!  Thank you NWSS staff for the cute Husky stuffed toy – Alex will love it I’m sure!  I already plan on him becoming a Husky! 

I also discovered I really need to learn how to take proper pictures – or perhaps it is just that taking pictures of a moving target is so difficult – the pics of Alex I’ve taken over the last few days really just are not what I expected – but here are a few anyhow!

It’s so true what people say about savouring every moment of your child’s youth – they grow before your eyes – I’m sure Alex has changed already since we met him – it is very exciting – but somewhat sad.

8 responses

  1. He is so stinkin’ cute!
    As for taking pics of kids… it is sooooo hard! But after you get the hang of things, you’ll be an old pro. It also helps to have a great camera. It makes all the difference. Point-and-shoots are often too slow to capture the right moment. We finally sucked it up and bought a digital SLR and we are SO glad we did!

  2. Very cute pics.. He is adorable, you look so happy. I have an slr digital camera if you would like to have someone do your pics Krista ( as a gift to you) let me know.

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