One Week Home!

As of late last night we have been home one whole week!  It has flown by so quickly – but at times has seemed so long…. 

A few cute quick facts about our little man:

  • he sucks 2 fingers – the 2 beside the baby finger – adorable!
  • he loves to have bath time – loves to splash around
  • he loves his sweet potatoes!
  • he loves his Sophie the Giraffe – especially since he is teething!
  • he laughs uncontrollably when you tickle his toes – I discovered this tonight and will try to get video footage – it is really priceless!

Today we took a walk to the school that Matt works at and did a little Show and Tell with all the staff – the ladies just loved him!  Thank you NWSS staff for the cute Husky stuffed toy – Alex will love it I’m sure!  I already plan on him becoming a Husky! 

I also discovered I really need to learn how to take proper pictures – or perhaps it is just that taking pictures of a moving target is so difficult – the pics of Alex I’ve taken over the last few days really just are not what I expected – but here are a few anyhow!

It’s so true what people say about savouring every moment of your child’s youth – they grow before your eyes – I’m sure Alex has changed already since we met him – it is very exciting – but somewhat sad.