Spoke too soon

I should have waiting until the full day was over before making yesterday’s post!  Alex fell asleep before getting his night time bottle – that we discovered is a big no no.  Alex woke crying just before 11 after sleeping only about 2 hours- I gave him his bottle and then started he 99 bottles of milk routine.  Matt was out at hockey and came home during this time, and Alex got very distracted.  After 200 bottles of milk he was asleep – or so I thought. 

I laid him down and he cried and cried. Since Matt was awake still he said he would put him to bed and I could go to sleep – if only it had been that easy.  Alex cried and cried and screamed and screamed and at one point I thought he was some wild animal in the nursery – the sound was very scary!  Matt was holding him and rocking him, but nothing would soothe the little guy.  I ended up giving him a bit of Motrin thinking it could be his upper 2 teeth coming in.  He also took most of another bottle.  Poor Matt didn’t get to sleep until well after 1am. 

He woke again at 4, took some of his bottle, and then we started our 99 bottles of milk again.  I got down to 50 and he was still asleep – so I tried the Momma Ma song I created and after walking for almost 40 minute he was asleep.  Or so I thought (again!).  I laid him in his crib and he started to giggle like he was a wake – little monkey!  So I just froze and pretended not to be there.  He played a bit, tossed and turned and eventually was asleep.  I got to sleep by 5:30am…  and slept until 9.  Alex slept until almost 10.  I know that is a little late, but the boy needs to get his sleep (and so do I!).   So now he is napping again, 2 hours after he work up. At least that part of the routine is sticking.

Thank you for all of your tips on the nails – will try a few today!

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  1. Ugh… I’m so sorry. It brings back lots of memories. All I can say is that you WILL get through tough times like these! Olive did some similar inconsolable screaming in those first few weeks and months. We chalked it up to her grieving. Our poor children have suffered unbelievable losses in their short little lives – birth mom, foster mom, culture, smell, EVERYTHING that is familiar is just ripped away from them. I have to say I’d wake up screaming inconsolably in the middle of the night too! Poor little babies…
    You’ll make it!!!!

  2. At this point, you are totally right to let him sleep when he needs it, otherwise, it will be virtually impossible to get through your wake time with him. Eventually, Alex will come over to Canadian time, but it can definitely take a while. It’s so tough when you don’t know what will soothe them, and you try everything and are so frustrated, knowing full well that they know when you are not relaxed. Don’t worry– your biceps are getting stronger!! You will soon be one-arming Alex around the house!

  3. Ugh! I agree with Belinda – you both should sleep when can! I’ve read that babies adjust to new time zones a day per hour changed. In a week or so, it will be a whole new world I bet!

  4. Christine– I have heard the same thing, that it takes babies about 1-2 days for every hour of time change. Babies eventually adjust– it just takes time and it WILL get easier!!

  5. hmmmm. hang in there, chica. i don’t know much about babies and jet lag. but, i do recall life with a newborn in the house and… i remember taking emmett outside in the middle of the night, once, because he was screaming so loudly, and i didn’t want him to wake theo. (it was july, and he was properly bundled. 🙂 ) i can also tell you a story about my almost 4 year old screaming just this morning… blood curdling screams… only because i cut his toast in the wrong direction. i have a feeling that, in another 12 years, most of the screaming will be coming from me??? either way, we do what we can do to get by in these tough times. if that means sleeping until 10 now, and then every two hours for two hours throughout the day… do it… i think?! (i’m a big fan of figuring it out as i go along, too.) thinking of you. and that cute boy. and his helpful papa.

  6. Mom tells me that when I’d fuss and she was ready to scream herself she’d turn on the clothes dryer and put me on top of it and I’d fall asleep in minutes. I don’t know if it would work or why, but maybe it’s worth a shot? You’ll get your laundry done too!

    Good luck!

  7. dear k — important to remember that, although you feel that you are in a bizarre spot, just about every new mom & dad has stood (or lain!) where you are now. Babies have so very few ways of communicating, and crying sure works…so, who knows, maybe in another 18 months, he’ll be a real chatty little fellow. Hang in there & call in every favour you can. People understand!

  8. Eeeks, sorry to hear all of this….I have all of this to come in a few months! Thanks for the warning 😉

    As for the nails, are they still soft enough to nibble off with your teeth? Sounds a bit nasty, but it’s what they recommend back in the UK if nothing else works….plus it’s safer than a blade!

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