Survived Day 1

Yeah!  We survived Day 1 without Daddy! 

Today was Matt’s first day back to work so it was just Alex and me for the most part.  Last night was rough – up 3 times (lots of 99 bottles of milk on the wall), and then I was up at 7:20 with Matt to ensure that Mason got off to the groomers on time.  Alex woke up at 9am and he had a bottle (Yeah!),  played, ate breakfast, played, 2 hours later he had a 2 hour nap (Yeah!).  Matt works at the school behind our house so he came home for lunch – giving me a break to have a shower and get out of my pjs.  After he left, Alex woke and Matt’s mom came over at 1, just after Alex woke up.  We gave him his lunch, played, and then I tried to get him down for a nap – he was SO FUSSY!  I knew he was tired, but he wouldn’t settle until I put the Ergo on.  Then within 5 minute he was out for another 2 hours.  Matt was home by 4 and by 5 Alex was up and playing with his daddy.  I am very lucky to have a hubby who can be home much earlier than regular business hours.  My lovely neighbour Joni thoughtfully brought over a lasagna yesterday ready for me to pop into the oven for dinner – she knew it was going to be a tiring day for me!  Thanks Joni!

So now Matt has just put him to bed – I’ll be on night time duty.  We hope that we can continue with this schedule – let’s see if Alex can!

Now I have to research how to cut those little nails – they hurt!!  My friend gave us a first aid kit with clippers that have a magnifying glass on them – but he squirms like  a worm and both Matt and I couldn’t keep him still!

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  1. sounds like you did a great job on your first day solo!!! emmett hates having his nails trimmed, too… i always tackle them while he is drinking his bottle… you and matt might have to tag team it, but it usually works like a charm. good luck!!! (and, 2 hour naps? hooray! that is wonderful… night time will come, soon!)

  2. Glad to hear you survived your first day alone! I remember how rough it was when my hubby went back to work.

    We used to cut Poppy’s nails when she was taking a nap. We would wait until she had been asleep for about 20 minutes and then get in there with the clippers. We did that for months and now when she sees me cutting my nails, she sticks out her fingers for me to cut them.

  3. Congrats on surviving!! Soon you will look back and go “I was worried about this?!” 😉

    I second Poppy’s mom – sneak attack when they are sleeping… it’s how I did it in my “nanny days”… otherwise I would have hyperventilated!

  4. Sounds like a great first day!

    I’m too chicken to do the nails myself but thankfully Chris is great at it. He would often do it after Alex’s bath as the nails are a bit softer then, or when he was asleep or having a bottle.

    If you find them really hard to cut, you can always file them a bit to get rid of any sharp edges.

  5. You made it through day one! Have a glass of wine.
    As for the nails, I agree to go when he’s asleep. Or… RIGHT after he wakes up. We find Olive is sometimes kinda groggy after waking and it’s a good time to attack.

  6. How incredibly awesome that Matt works SO close! I am jealous! What I wouldn’t do for a person to give me a shower break! Sounds like you had a great day!

  7. That is not bad of a first day with Alex! It can only get easier. How awesome that Matt works so close and that you have a wonderful mother-in-law and neighbour who know you need the help right now. With the nails– I heard the same thing about filing them as worst case scenario. Adam is really curious about getting his nails cut, and doesn’t mind at all. But, the trick is to do it when they are well-rested or just fed.

  8. I have heard the same thing about trimming the nails when they’re asleep. We were lucky with the girls – they never really minded it…now they like to have them done – must be a girl thing. Good luck! Those little nails really do get sharp!

  9. Congrats on surviving your first day alone! You did amazing!!! That is wonderful that Matt works so close! Ah, a shower break is always the best! It sounds like Alex is doing pretty well with his sleeping. It is so nice that you have such supportive family and friends to help you through! I usually trim Lucas’ nails when he is eating a snack. It is all about the distraction with him. I was very fearful at first too, but now it is not a problem at all. I am so glad to hear that things are going well!

  10. I also did nails once the babies fell asleep. It was much easier and you could really concentrate without any moving around. I would do it at night just before putting them into their cribs. This especially worked for the toes!

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