Rookie Mistake…

Figured out the bottle problem… We were giving Alex his formula AFTER he ate – not before… oops!  Today when we tried before he ate he gobbled the whole thing down – and wanted more (I had only given half a bottle just in case).

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will keep those in mind if today was just a fluke 😉

6 responses

  1. No kidding! I can’t tell you how many times Steve and I were sitting there puzzling over what was upsetting Adam, only to realize that he was due for a bottle!! It’s hard at first when you’re trying to keep track of a whole new schedule, on top of your schedule which has just been totally shaken too!! All the best! I am living proof that it DOES get easier!

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better… I thought that bottles and the meals happened at separate times! I think that I will be asking a few specific feeding questions of the FM if I get to speak with her!

  3. Again, we just lived through this same experience. I feel like you are describing our life — especially with regards to sleep patterns, the need for bumpers, and refusing the bottle. Jaden went through 1 day without taking a bottle. Then, I let him hold it himself and he was fine. It was like teenage rebellion at 9 months old. Good luck! The sleep deprivation does get better — those first weeks back were really, really hard.

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