Where have the last few days gone?

Things have started to settle down… I hope! 

First things first – Alex is quite the character!  He loves to giggle, laugh and play.  He is very friendly and outgoing.  He loves to eat, but does not love his bottle.  With his FM, Alex would take 6 bottles of formula a day – I’m lucky to get 1 in.  In Seoul he was better, but not here.  I’ve introduced apple juice which he likes just to keep him hydrated.  This might just be his way of rebelling – but in case it isn’t – any tips on getting a little one to take his forumal??  Mommies help!  I’m using the same bottles and formula as in Seoul – as well as some Gerber bottles. 

I love food!

Alex is sleeping much better.  The first few nights were horrid – for all of us.  His world has been literally turned upside down and he wasn’t sure if it was night or day, so play at night, try to sleep during the day… Luckily tonight we got him to bed at 9pm – not 12, 11:30pm like the last few nights.   He seems to need to be held very closely to sleep and will only fall asleep if we sing while using our carrier (which is very helpful btw since he is a bit of a beefcake and my arms haven’t transformed into bulging pipes yet).   Alex will ususally take a bit of a bottle in the middle of the night – from the baby carrier only.   As I mentioned above – Alex doesn’t like the bottle right now – and fights it (screams!!).  Matt and I have been taking turns – THANK YOU MATT (he goes back to work on Wednesday so I’ll be getting up after that)!   Last night Alex was up for only about an hour (we couldn’t sleep for 4) – but previous nights it was about 3 hours of trying to get him to stay asleep.  The little monkey will scream bloody murder and then stop – look at you – and giggle.   Frustrating but so stinking cute!  Alex does sleep in his crib thank goodness and will sleep after his little wake up for about 6 hours (at least he did the last 2 nights – cross your fingers!)  Alex does have 2 bottom teeth and I think he is teething more – his cheeks are really red and he is sucking on his fingers a lot.   

Jet Lag SUCKS!  Each night, Matt and I had been getting only a handful of hours of sleep, we are so tired, but when try to sleep – it just won’t come.   Let’s hope tonight is better for us too.  Anyone planning to go get their babies soon – take jet lag medicine!! I took it before and and while in Korea – but forgot when we got home.  I messed up my other meds too – I’m suddenly taking my thyroid medicine at night instead of the morning – will have to remedy that one too.

We have had some family and friends stop to meet Alex – everyone has been so excited!  Yesterday Matt’s family threw a little drop in for family too so that they could meet everyone.   THANK YOU PAT AND DALE!  I had Alex in the carrier when I fed him some apple juice and didn’t realize his diaper had started to leak… and Matt’s Aunt Christie took him in the carrier after me… she got a tad wet.  Sorry Christie!

Alex and Cousin Kylie

Mason and Alex get along pretty well.  Mason likes to kiss Alex – Alex likes to watch Mason.  Mason is always trying to sneak into the nursery to watch Alex sleeping – it is kinda cute – his stubby tale wags and wags.  He has woken Alex up a few times barking – that has to stop!  A baby gate will bet going up on the top of the stairs tomorrow – that will keep Mason away when Alex is sleeping – and keep Alex from falling down the stairs – did I mention this boy can motor!?  He crawls everywhere and is always pulling himself up – especially on the tv unit.

Mason checking out Alex


You will notice the blankets around the edge of the crib – Alex is a thrasher and has banged his head more than once.  Perhaps bumper pads would have been a good idea…

Sleeping Angel

Anyhow – our little man will be up in a couple of hours – better get some sleep in while I can!

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  1. Hey Kriesta

    My kids liked the advent bottles even though they have bad plastic in them. HOwever, I also starting giving my kids milk around 9 months of age- home- have you tried a sippy cup with formula? I introduced mine early so by this age they knew how to drink from it, even though it wasn’t their main way of drinking- it’s worth a try to see if he’ll take more. Have you had to switch formula types? That could be an issue.

    Anyhow, he looks adorable and you’re doing just fine- don’t worry. We’re in stratford on Sat (14th) and we have some stuff to give you- even a little anniversary present. Let me know if you’re around.


  2. Alex looks like he is doing so great! He is adjusting well to the time change and hopefully you and Matt will soon. He sounds like he is going to be a little one that likes to sleep. The fact that he will go back to sleep for 6 hours after his wake up is fantastic! The amount of time he is awake when he does have his little wake ups will continue to decrease for you. That is too cute about Mason! He obviously likes Alex a lot! They will be best buddies in no time!

  3. I have been happily and tearfully following your return home and checking your blog twice daily!! I love the picture of your family rounding the corner in the airport, I still tear up thinking about it.
    Lily sometimes goes on bottle strikes too. Do you have a recipe for baby pancakes (if Alex is eating finger foods)? You can sneak some formula in him that way and some baby cereal for iron. If you don’t, I can email it to you. I found with Lily she had to be in the EXACT same position as when I gave the bottle to her for anyone else to do it successfully. Lily liked the Nuby stages bottle that has handles and an end like a sippy cup, it was a good one to start her on. A friend used that one too after our success.
    If you’re really worried, try calling your health nurse. Ours is great and she told me (for a 1 year old) to aim for 20oz a day. But if Alex is totally on table food you could give him homo milk. The health nurse told me to wait until Lily was completely on table food before I switch off the formula.
    Good luck, it will come with time. I know how frightening and frustrating it can be when they won’t drink their formula for you.

  4. Awww. So nice to see. I can’t believe that you have been so kind as to update this so often! You’re super MOMMY!!! Doesn’t that sound nice??
    I am glad to see proof of your dream come true.
    Happy days ahead and I hope the jet lag leaves soon.
    Take care. Best wishes.
    Awww. Mason and Alex… can you imagine what friends they will become. TOO CUTE!
    Get some rest!

  5. LOVE the photos. LOVE the stories. Keep them coming! Sorry to hear about the sleep issues…that seems like the hardest part for people coming home. Thanks for the advice on things for when it is finally our turn. 🙂

    Not to be an alarmist…but I work at a hospital seeing pediatric patients…be careful with those TV units. I’ve seen a few kids who have pulled themselves up on them and then the TV comes off and has landed on the little ones (onto their heads, unfortunately) causing injuries. Make sure the TV is bolted to the wall (if it seems like it could tip) — I believe there are some kind of brackets for this — or be sure it cannot slide off or fall on little Alex. OK…no more alarmist notes!

  6. Ok, I don’t at all mean to be a downer, but I wouldn’t go back to those first few days/weeks for anything. Yes it was exciting and fun, etc. to be a new mom, but it is SO HARD. So give yourself lots of little breaks and treats. You need it to make it through these tough times. I believe I lost about 10 pounds in those first few weeks. (They’re back, of course).
    As for the bottle… grrr. Olive refused to take a bottle from us the first 36 hours or so, but then she was ok. So I don’t have great advice there. You might want to consider sweetening the formula a little. You have the same nipples, right? And the same formula? And make sure YOU are relaxed when feeding him. Babies totally know when we’re stressed out. Easy to say, hard to do. I’ll keep thinking for you. But the main advice I have is to be easy on yourself and soak up the good stuff as much as you can!
    He’s a cutie!!!

  7. Hi Krista. Wow your Alex sounds a lot like our Kadin when he was a baby. The bottle thing, Kadin liked his bottles really warm, almost hot. Foster family did mention he liked them warm but I never guessed he would take them so warm. Took us awhile to figure this out and I didn’t want to burn his little mouth. I heated the bottle up a bit at a time until it was the right temp. But I am sure a fridge cold bottle I would heat up a full min. in the micro. than shook it to mix the hot spots. Kadin still likes his milk warmed up to this day. Kadin also moved around his crib. I had to remove the baby monitor from his room as he sounded like he was having a party in his crib and I could not rest with the noise. I put the crib pads back on too. A baby that can move around like that is not going to suffocate in the pads. Lew and I also walked the floors for a few nights when Kadin first arrived. If we tried to set him down he would scream. We eventally got some sleep about 3 and half years later. Hope Alex and Kadin don’t share that trait. Goodluck with your little angel. Maybe some more white wine will help you sleep.

  8. First – be good to yourself! I second Elizabeth wholeheartedly there! It’s a lot you’ve got going on there, so make sure you carve out a little time for some sweets or wine… maybe while scratching Mason behind the ears?! (He paid me off to say that just so you know…)
    Second – I have no advice, but know it will all work out. You just have to make it through!

    And last, but so not least, he’s so friggin’ cute! I love the one of him sleeping… and I *really* love the one with Mason “watching over him”!

  9. we’ve been a little under the weather here, so i’m behind on blog reading and commenting… however, i’ve been thinking of you. krista, he is beautiful! i love that last shot, too, all curled up in bed, with his sweet fingers touching his lips!

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