Where have the last few days gone?

Things have started to settle down… I hope! 

First things first – Alex is quite the character!  He loves to giggle, laugh and play.  He is very friendly and outgoing.  He loves to eat, but does not love his bottle.  With his FM, Alex would take 6 bottles of formula a day – I’m lucky to get 1 in.  In Seoul he was better, but not here.  I’ve introduced apple juice which he likes just to keep him hydrated.  This might just be his way of rebelling – but in case it isn’t – any tips on getting a little one to take his forumal??  Mommies help!  I’m using the same bottles and formula as in Seoul – as well as some Gerber bottles. 

I love food!

Alex is sleeping much better.  The first few nights were horrid – for all of us.  His world has been literally turned upside down and he wasn’t sure if it was night or day, so play at night, try to sleep during the day… Luckily tonight we got him to bed at 9pm – not 12, 11:30pm like the last few nights.   He seems to need to be held very closely to sleep and will only fall asleep if we sing while using our carrier (which is very helpful btw since he is a bit of a beefcake and my arms haven’t transformed into bulging pipes yet).   Alex will ususally take a bit of a bottle in the middle of the night – from the baby carrier only.   As I mentioned above – Alex doesn’t like the bottle right now – and fights it (screams!!).  Matt and I have been taking turns – THANK YOU MATT (he goes back to work on Wednesday so I’ll be getting up after that)!   Last night Alex was up for only about an hour (we couldn’t sleep for 4) – but previous nights it was about 3 hours of trying to get him to stay asleep.  The little monkey will scream bloody murder and then stop – look at you – and giggle.   Frustrating but so stinking cute!  Alex does sleep in his crib thank goodness and will sleep after his little wake up for about 6 hours (at least he did the last 2 nights – cross your fingers!)  Alex does have 2 bottom teeth and I think he is teething more – his cheeks are really red and he is sucking on his fingers a lot.   

Jet Lag SUCKS!  Each night, Matt and I had been getting only a handful of hours of sleep, we are so tired, but when try to sleep – it just won’t come.   Let’s hope tonight is better for us too.  Anyone planning to go get their babies soon – take jet lag medicine!! I took it before and and while in Korea – but forgot when we got home.  I messed up my other meds too – I’m suddenly taking my thyroid medicine at night instead of the morning – will have to remedy that one too.

We have had some family and friends stop to meet Alex – everyone has been so excited!  Yesterday Matt’s family threw a little drop in for family too so that they could meet everyone.   THANK YOU PAT AND DALE!  I had Alex in the carrier when I fed him some apple juice and didn’t realize his diaper had started to leak… and Matt’s Aunt Christie took him in the carrier after me… she got a tad wet.  Sorry Christie!

Alex and Cousin Kylie

Mason and Alex get along pretty well.  Mason likes to kiss Alex – Alex likes to watch Mason.  Mason is always trying to sneak into the nursery to watch Alex sleeping – it is kinda cute – his stubby tale wags and wags.  He has woken Alex up a few times barking – that has to stop!  A baby gate will bet going up on the top of the stairs tomorrow – that will keep Mason away when Alex is sleeping – and keep Alex from falling down the stairs – did I mention this boy can motor!?  He crawls everywhere and is always pulling himself up – especially on the tv unit.

Mason checking out Alex


You will notice the blankets around the edge of the crib – Alex is a thrasher and has banged his head more than once.  Perhaps bumper pads would have been a good idea…

Sleeping Angel

Anyhow – our little man will be up in a couple of hours – better get some sleep in while I can!