Our Trip Home

Sorry for the delay getting some news on our trip home up – but well, we have had our hands full! 😉

Leaving SWS

We left the SWS at 3pm, with some sadness, but mostly excitement to be going back home.  Our social worker arranged a van to take us to where we had to pick up the airport bus, and when we got there, the bus was waiting, so we quickly hopped on.  About 45 minutes into our trip to the airport the coat catastrophe happened.  Matt realized he left the shell to his jacked in our room at the SWS.  While that wasn’t the best thing to have happened, we thought oh well, can always get a new coat… but then he realized all of the extra cash we had brought was in the front pocket!! So what to do… take the shuttle back to the hotel, grab the coat, and shuttle it back to the airport (would take almost 3 hours), or see what Information could do at the airport.  The lady at Information was great!  She arranged for a motorcycle courier to bring it to us.  Luckily we had arrived at the airport with plenty of time!  So after about an hour, we heard Matt’s name being paged, and 70000 won later, we had the jacked!  During the wait we checked our luggage and got our boarding passes.  Unfortunately due to the large number of babies on the flight we were unable to get bulkhead seats which really sucked – but what can you do!  There had to be about 20+ children 1 and younger on our flight. 

The Incheon airport is quite something – it is essentially like a giant mall!  I went to the toy store when on a quest for water and found a toy Korean Air airplane which I could not resist – so it now sits on Alex’s bookshelf.  The flight was on time, and was very full.  Alex would not take his bottle on take off – instead he cried and screamed – and once the seatbelt sign went off – he started to laugh.  I ordered a large white wine.

Overall, Alex was very good on the flight.  The Ergo was a life saver!  When he did fuss, I simply walked the plane, and the little passage at the back.  I’m glad we were not the only ones with a somewhat restless baby!  He slept quite a few hours, I unfortunately did not – and am paying for it now (very bad jet lag – I think I have slept maybe 10 hours since Thursday … Korean time – so Wednesday Ontario time).  Again, Alex did not want his bottle during the landing – but his ears did not seem to bug him thank goodness. 

When we deboarded, we had to go wait in line at Customs, and then in line at Immigration. Luckily we were spotted by some staff members in the very long immigration line, and we were moved to the front of the line – and in no time Alex was welcomed to Canada!  I got a little teary at that point.  After our luggage was found we went to the Arrivals area where our friends and family were anxiously waiting for us!  It was so good to see everyone!  My Mom, brother, friend Kelly, friend Melinda and her husband and children, my Aunt Diane and Uncle Steven, and Matt’s Dad and Matt’s godson Tyson all made the long trip to greet us.  Here are a couple pictures of our happy moment.  I will be adding a slideshow when I have more time…


Welcome Home Sign

The way home wasn’t so happy – for Alex that is!  I don’t think he has ever been in a car seat before – and he let us know that he did not like it!  About 30 minutes of screaming started our 1.5 hour trip home.  

When we got home, our house was all decorated – another great surprise.  Jason and Kelly had done the outside and Nathan and Heather decorated the inside.   Thank you everyone!

Front Door

Since then we have had very little sleep.  From jet lag, to Alex thinking night is day – but it is so worth it.  Once I get a few hours of sleep I will post some more on our first few days home and what being a parent has been like!  For everyone who has e-mailed or called, I will get back to you in the next few days.

20 responses

  1. HOORAY! I’ve been checking this blog multiple times a day to see if it’s been updated with happy coming-home photos! So glad you guys made it home safely!

  2. So happy that you’re finally home! I have been checking your blog all day today, wondering how you are doing! The pictures of your homecoming are great. Doesn’t it just feel absolutely amazing to be at home? Can’t wait to meet up with you guys, hopefully in a month or two. We’ll have to make plans with the Priestleys and Wiersmas 🙂 Hope you kick your jet lag really fast!

  3. welcome home you guys! we’ve been thinking of you… of course, i can’t wait to read more, more, more. but, get some rest, girl! you sound like you need (and deserve) it. welcome to mama-hood. it’s spectacular here!

  4. What great news to hear the flight home went well (all things considered) and you guys are safely back home getting settled down as a brand-new family. Can’t wait to see more pictures once you’ve had a chance to get caught up on sleep.

    Just don’t make the same mistake Chris and I did… we kept taking short naps, and let me tell you – three two-hour naps are NOT the same as getting six full hours of rest.

    Congrats again!

  5. Welcome Home – Robinson party of 3!
    so glad you are all home safe and sound!
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more soon!
    Get some rest!
    Mason must be thrilled to have you back with a baby brother for him!
    Take care!

  6. Welcome home Robinson family!!!! I am glad to hear that your flight went well. It is always nice to not have the only baby on a flight. The little Korean Air plane was a great idea!

    Wishing you all the best as you transition into your life as a family of three! Try and get some sleep when you can.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about your first few days as a family.

  7. Thanks so much for posting!! You must both be exhausted, I am impressed! We have really enjoyed your blog. So glad you are finally home to begin your new life together. YEA!!!!!

  8. I am so glad you are home. Love the photos of you arriving at the airport. Such big smiles all around! Hope you are getting at least a little rest here and there. Welcome home!

  9. Welcome home Robinson Family! We’re so excited for all of you and hoping you are able to get some solid sleep very soon!
    The girls are excited for their first play date with Alex.

  10. Welcome home!! What a journey! I love the pictures– you can just see the relief and happiness in your faces to finally be home. Isn’t screaming in the car tough to take?! We have had our fair share of it, but it has improved over time. I am sure you will kick the jet lag fast, and I sure hope that Alex can too.

  11. I was reading your blog and commenting right when you were reading mine and commenting!!! Wow that is weird. Just thought I would let you know. ok random comment

  12. Welcome home Robinson family!
    What a wonderfull experience! Congrats on your new family member! I enjoyed every posting you guys did, it was very exciting for us. The pictures were great and I also liked all your stories; Your blog is great, very inspiring! I felt like we were there with you all the way through. We are from Ottawa and presently waiting for our referral, and hope we will too get there this year. It was very encouraging to read all your great experiences. We wish you a quick recovery, very happy moments with Alex, and hope to see more pictures soon! (Take your time though)
    Warm regards and lots of congrats,
    Susan and Andrew

  13. Welcome Home!
    Such a long flight can be exhausting particularly with a new little one but you all looked great in your pictures at the airport!
    I hope Alex adjusts soon so that you are able to get over the jet lag. Your blog has been fantastic and I have been looking forward to reading it each day.
    We received our travel call last Friday (yay) and will be leaving on the 17th for Korea!! Our boys will be very close in age (Tanner turned 8 months yesterday) . We’re in Guelph, so not too far. It would be nice to have the boys meet sometime.

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