A little about Alex

Well, I’m tired!  I know – get used to it! 

The rest of our first day together was lots of fun.  We played and got to know one another.  Alex seems to really enjoy his Sophie, his keys, and his stacking cups.  He is very happy… most of the time.  He does get cranky before sleeping.  Last night he went to sleep at 11, and then he had a little cry at 2am, so I was awake, watching him until 4am when he woke for a feeding.  He then slept in our bed until 8am.  That was interesting – kicking us in the face, rolling all over… such a worm.   He has been enjoying his baby Mum Mums which have been a life saver – I forgot the Cheerios!  He is crawling all over, trying to stand, and then falling.  Lots of wet diapers, I’m hoping the prunes kick in soon 😉  We have been putting on the Korean cartoons as well which Alex seems to enjoy.   Bath time was lots of fun too – I’m glad he enjoys it.  We took a walk to the E-Mart this afternoon and Alex quickly fell asleep.  There we bought a box with 10 sets of stainless chopsticks and spoons – perfect for a dinner party.  That was a great suggestion by a Swedish family who is picking up their boy on Friday.

One good thing is that we discovered Alex’s clothes do fit him – FM has been dressing him in many layers of clothes – so 6-12 months seem to fit him just fine… for now!

Here are a few pics from the last 26 hours…

Hey girls (and guys) waiting for their referrals or travel calls from SWS – this afternoon there was a social / party time  or some gathering in the room beside us – all of foster moms and their babies!! So I might have seen one of your babies!  They were all so adorable.  One kept crying and crying… and one was so little – about a month old…

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  1. What a cutie! He seems so serious in all those photos, just taking it all in. Random thoughts: it could be interesting when those prunes kick in hope that doesn’t happen on the plane ;-), sleeping with Alex sounds a lot like us sleeping with Roxy-dog, and I love the idea of buying chopsticks! 🙂

    That’s so much fun that the foster moms were having a little get-together! Hmmm… I wonder… ??? 😉

  2. So cute! He really reminds us of Daniel. I love his feet sticking out of the crib. You’re right about Koreans layering their babies clothes. A mother beside us on the plane had her baby in full pyjamas with a jogging sutit on top! He was so hot! They had a spray bottle and kept misting him through the flight and they would use a towel to wipe him down, but they never took off a piece of clothing!

    The Ergo is awesome. We are still using it now when Daniel is fussy. He’s a big boy so it helps take the pressure off one arm.

    Can’t wait to meet Alex some time soon! Have a great flight home!

  3. Alex looks like he is doing great! He sounds like a very happy and active little guy! It is wonderful that he likes taking a bath. Lucas looks forward to his bath time every night! Putting on the Korean cartoons is an excellent idea! We played Korean music for Lucas to help soothe him and it worked very well.

    Wishing you a very safe journey back home. Congratulations again on such a beautiful family! Keep the pictures coming! They are great!

  4. You both look so happy with your little one! He looks like he is adjusting well.

    I think countries across Asia bundle up their babies. China is the same way. Even outside of winter, if you have any of their skin showing on their arms or legs, the older ladies may make comments.

    The little gathering with the foster mom’s was nice to hear and I am definitely wondering if you saw Tanner. We are on pins and needles waiting for the call right now as our CIC file was changed to decision made on Monday.

    The pictures are wonderful!

  5. Great photos of a happy family! One of my guys used to sleep like that with one foot planted .. ready to push off and leap up as soon as he woke! Hope you have a good flight home, we’re all so excited to meet Alex.

  6. Love seeing the pictures. IS there anything cuter than a child sleeping???!!! Look at Alex’s adorable foot sticking out- I love it! See you tomorrow!!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos Krista. I have learned to keep a box of tissues by the computer these days for when I read your blog. These photos make me so emotional!!!

    Besides being adorable, he looks so healthy. Best wishes for a safe flight home. Can’t wait to meet him!

  8. I love the photo of him sleeping and his little foot sticking out. He is very cute and very lucky to have such great parents like you and Matt. Have a safe travel home!

  9. oooh, how i love that last thought, that maybe all of our babies have been congregating there, as we’re here “together” thinking about them and longing for them to come home.

    it sounds like your first night went extremely well. i just want to pinch those sweet little toes. soooo sweet.

  10. Thanks for posting more Alex photos! I especially like the one of him in the crib — such a cute foot. What an adorable baby you have. You will find yourself taking lots of sleeping baby photos. Babies, toddlers and young children are most angelic while sleeping. I’m looking forward to his first trip to the library — I hope it isn’t on my day off.

  11. Congratulations!! Sounds like everything is going well. I hope the flight goes by quickly!! I love reading about your time in Seoul because it reminds me so much of our visit. Ruby received the necklace with her name and birthdate on it too. I really miss Seoul. I can’t wait to hear more!

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