Coming Home!

Today we leave to come home!  In about 6 more hours (3pm) the SWS van will be coming for us and will take us to the Renaissance Hotel.  From there we will be taking the KAL Airport Bus to the Incheon Airport.  We will be there pretty early, but this way we can be relaxed and get the customs and immigration paperwork done without a rush.   I believe I have heard that there is a family zone there for babies / kids to play, so hopefully we can find that space.   I just hope Alex goes #2 before we leave…  Prunes kick in please! 

The flight leaves at 8:45pm, and arrives in Toronto at 7:45pm… the same day – today will be our Groundhog Day.  My Mom, brother, friend Melinda, Matt’s Dad and Godson will all be at the airport to greet us.  If one of you are reading this, can you try to get a picture of the arrival board showing our flight has arrived?  I’d love to have one for his life book.

Seoul has been quite the experience, culturally and emotionally.  I can’t believe we left as a family of 2 and are coming home as a family of 3!!  Exactly 10 months from start of home study to bringing baby home!  What a whirlwind!

Gotta run – we have spit up 😉

13 responses

  1. I have got chills! I am over the moon happy for you!
    Welcome to PARENTHOOD!
    Have a safe flight home… Finally! Homebound!
    Welcome Home Alex! We sure have been waiting for you!!

  2. We are thinking of you in the air right now, and hoping that it is going smoothly. You are very lucky to have your mother-in-law with you to help a bit. We had some very nice ladies on the plane who helped us with Adam, and they were a godsend. We can’t wait to read your first post from home!

  3. Wishing you a safe flight home! It is so exciting that you are coming home as a family of three! I am glad the prunes kicked in!

    Looking forward to reading your first post from home. All the best.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. The emotions, the exhaustion… I hope you have an uneventful trip, and I hope you gets LOTS of sleep when you get home. When we arrived with Paige, my parents let us sleep for a good twelve hours while they were on baby duty. It was the BEST gift ever. You need to stay healthy for Alex, so ask for help if you need it!!!! We’re so happy for you 🙂

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