Coming Home!

Today we leave to come home!  In about 6 more hours (3pm) the SWS van will be coming for us and will take us to the Renaissance Hotel.  From there we will be taking the KAL Airport Bus to the Incheon Airport.  We will be there pretty early, but this way we can be relaxed and get the customs and immigration paperwork done without a rush.   I believe I have heard that there is a family zone there for babies / kids to play, so hopefully we can find that space.   I just hope Alex goes #2 before we leave…  Prunes kick in please! 

The flight leaves at 8:45pm, and arrives in Toronto at 7:45pm… the same day – today will be our Groundhog Day.  My Mom, brother, friend Melinda, Matt’s Dad and Godson will all be at the airport to greet us.  If one of you are reading this, can you try to get a picture of the arrival board showing our flight has arrived?  I’d love to have one for his life book.

Seoul has been quite the experience, culturally and emotionally.  I can’t believe we left as a family of 2 and are coming home as a family of 3!!  Exactly 10 months from start of home study to bringing baby home!  What a whirlwind!

Gotta run – we have spit up 😉

A little about Alex

Well, I’m tired!  I know – get used to it! 

The rest of our first day together was lots of fun.  We played and got to know one another.  Alex seems to really enjoy his Sophie, his keys, and his stacking cups.  He is very happy… most of the time.  He does get cranky before sleeping.  Last night he went to sleep at 11, and then he had a little cry at 2am, so I was awake, watching him until 4am when he woke for a feeding.  He then slept in our bed until 8am.  That was interesting – kicking us in the face, rolling all over… such a worm.   He has been enjoying his baby Mum Mums which have been a life saver – I forgot the Cheerios!  He is crawling all over, trying to stand, and then falling.  Lots of wet diapers, I’m hoping the prunes kick in soon 😉  We have been putting on the Korean cartoons as well which Alex seems to enjoy.   Bath time was lots of fun too – I’m glad he enjoys it.  We took a walk to the E-Mart this afternoon and Alex quickly fell asleep.  There we bought a box with 10 sets of stainless chopsticks and spoons – perfect for a dinner party.  That was a great suggestion by a Swedish family who is picking up their boy on Friday.

One good thing is that we discovered Alex’s clothes do fit him – FM has been dressing him in many layers of clothes – so 6-12 months seem to fit him just fine… for now!

Here are a few pics from the last 26 hours…

Hey girls (and guys) waiting for their referrals or travel calls from SWS – this afternoon there was a social / party time  or some gathering in the room beside us – all of foster moms and their babies!! So I might have seen one of your babies!  They were all so adorable.  One kept crying and crying… and one was so little – about a month old…