Forever Family Day

At 10:50am, we went over to the Social Welfare Society hospital to finally get Alex forever.  When we got there, the foster mom and Alex were in the sitting room, we joined them.  The foster mom gave us a number of bottles, cloths, clothes, and a few toys.  The SWS gave us a necklace with a Korean flag on it – engraved on the back is Alex’s Korean name and birth date.   They showed us how to prepare one of his bottles, I tried to feed him, but wasn’t doing it right obviously because the FM came and took over… I took notes 😉  One other beautiful keepsake was an album full of pictures since Alex was in her care (July).

It was really tough when we had to leave.  The goodbyes occured at the elevator.  Let me just say it was very emotional.

 Back at the guest room we played and got to know each other a bit.  We changed our first wet diaper, and now he is starting to get cranky.  He needs a nap and Matt is trying to get him to sleep. 

The Robinson Three!

What a beautiful and special day.

Beautiful Boy

24 responses

  1. Yippee! Congratulations on officially becoming a family. Alex is just so adorable and looks so happy with you both. Enjoy the rest of your time in Korea and best wishes for a calm, serene and restful trip home with your son.

  2. I was thinking of your family last night! What an amazing day– the memories flood in when I see your pictures and hear your story. Alex will bring you so much happiness and joy, even if there are a few sleepless nights involved! Adam is sitting here on my lap as I type, probably trying to type a message to Alex! We can’t wait to meet him!!

  3. Congratulations! I was excited to wake up and see the pictures this morning. That was us only 3 1/2 wks ago! In fact, since you were in our room, Alex is sleeping where Daniel slept! He had such good sleeps in Korea. Those are fond memories 🙂

  4. Happy forever family day! Congratulations mommy!

    I was very excited to see the pictures this morning. The three of you make such a beautiful family! Wow, the photo album is such a wonderful keepsake for you and for Alex!

    What an amazing day for you! Yay!!!!! We are so thrilled for you!!!

  5. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come true.
    Congratulations!!!!! He is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful
    FAMILY picture. We can hardly wait to meet your son.
    Much Love XOXO

  6. Ok, tears are in my eyes just thinking about the good bye. Congratulations on becoming a family, after all the papers, all the appointments, all the waiting. Sooooo happy for you and thank you for letting me share in the story. YEA!!!!!!! Have a safe flight home.

  7. oh, krista. he is so beautiful. it sounds like he’s been in extremely loving hands in korea. what a blessing. i’m not sure when your flight leaves… i hope your trip is safe, sans too many baby tears! congratulations.

  8. Congratulations on your forever family day!! I know how special it was with our daughter and can imagine how overwhelmed and blessed you are feeling. Hopefully this will be us in a few weeks so we can bring Tanner home.
    I hope you have a quiet and peaceful plane trip home!

  9. The day you have been waiting for so long has finally arrived. Congratulations on becoming a family. Everyone at the library is counting down the days until we meet Alex.

    P.S. You and Matt will become experts at baby care in no time!

  10. Just remember that no matter how much preparation we do to get ready, no one knows how to do it at first- so the good news there is no ‘right way’- just a way he’s been used to 🙂 He will teach you quickly what he likes and doesn’t like-

    Love the pictures and can’t wait to see you on Thurs night!


  11. I was thinking about you last night at 9pm – that was 11am Korea time, when you were due to pick up Alex. I’m so happy for all of you!

  12. I am all misty thinking about you and all the mixed emotions you must be feeling right now! Good luck with the adjustment to parenthood. You are more than ready.

  13. Wow. I’m just overwhelmed right now with emotion. My husband and I have been home with our son for just over a month, and lived the same experience you have been blogging about. What an amazing journey. Good luck on the flight home! I’m very happy for your both.

  14. This makes me emotional and filled with joy so I can only imagine how you must both be feeling! The smiles on your face look beautiful! What wonderful parents you are going to be. And what a beautiful, happy looking baby! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you all. I’m off on Friday and will be at home with the girls if you need anything at all!
    Hugs and Kisses,
    The Banks Family

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