Forever Family Day

At 10:50am, we went over to the Social Welfare Society hospital to finally get Alex forever.  When we got there, the foster mom and Alex were in the sitting room, we joined them.  The foster mom gave us a number of bottles, cloths, clothes, and a few toys.  The SWS gave us a necklace with a Korean flag on it – engraved on the back is Alex’s Korean name and birth date.   They showed us how to prepare one of his bottles, I tried to feed him, but wasn’t doing it right obviously because the FM came and took over… I took notes 😉  One other beautiful keepsake was an album full of pictures since Alex was in her care (July).

It was really tough when we had to leave.  The goodbyes occured at the elevator.  Let me just say it was very emotional.

 Back at the guest room we played and got to know each other a bit.  We changed our first wet diaper, and now he is starting to get cranky.  He needs a nap and Matt is trying to get him to sleep. 

The Robinson Three!

What a beautiful and special day.

Beautiful Boy