Day 5

Today we decided to visit a couple markets.   Seoul is well known for its shopping and markets.  First we went to Namdaemum Market.  This market is very old and has thousands of vendors.  It was very busy – cars, vans, motorcycles and lots of people in the very narrow aisles.  


I was able to try a hantok – a pancake filled with cinnamon and brown sugar… it was so good I had to have a second 😉


We bought a new set of pjs for Alex and a blanket for him to play on the room here.    The floors are laminate and are not so child friendly.   And just like the guide book says, the vendors do jump over the counters to help you!  The lady we got the pjs from did that.  To be honest, the market was very interesting (pig heads, silk worm larve, seaweed, etc), but it was too confusing and more than a little crazy. 

We then ventured to Dongdaemun Market.  This one is a collection of over 10 malls, each with about 9 floors filled with vendors.  Again, this was too crazy for us.  We were also very hungry and couldn’t find a place with English menus, so we ended up eating some questionable food – beef or tendons… not sure.

So we got out of there.  Matt was tired of shopping so he went back to the guest house.  Pat and I went back to Insadong and finished buying souvenirs.  When there we bought kkul tarea – a traditional court cake.  It was served to kings and queens.  We saw a demonstration of how it is made – they take rock hard honey and they stretch it to turn it into 16,000 strands similar to hair!  There is a peanut filling that is added – pretty tasty!  We then went back to the subway to make our way home… it was busy, but luckily the butt pushers were not out yet!

Not sure what we will be doing for dinner – last night the restaurant we wanted was hosting a private party, so we ended up with Dominoes Pizza (it came wrapped in a red ribbon!).   This will be the last meal before Alex arrives!  Tomorrow at 11am… Yeah!