Day 4

This morning we went to the DMZ!  Highlights included going to Freedom Bridge, going down into the 3rd tunnel and the Dana Observatory. 

Us at Freedom Bridge

The 3rd tunnel was discovered 52km from Seoul in 1978.   Turns out North Koreans were digging tunnels to invade the South again, and when the tunnels were discovered, they claimed they were coal tunnels and painted the walls black.   We walked way down in the tunnel and had to wear helmets.   I wish we had been able to take photos but they were strictly forbidden. 

Pushing Korea back together...

We also went to Dana and got to look over to propaganda village in North Korea.  We were so close to the border! 

Dana Observatory Platform

We got to go to the Amethyst factory at the end of the tour.  Amethyst is the jewel of Korea and of course, Pat and I could not resist!  She got a necklace and I got a necklace and set of earrings!

After we got let off in Itaewon where there is a large American military presence.  We ate, wandered around a bit, and then took a TAXI BACK!!  And they MADE ME GO IN THE FRONT SEAT!!  I was so brave.  We had a great taxi driver thank goodness!  Not sure what is in store for dinner – perhaps sweet and sour pork and some noodles… yum!

6 responses

  1. i was so happy to have not one but TWO UPDATES from you today! looks like you are having fun, making excellent use of your waiting time… i’m sure you’re on pins and needles. i’m so glad, to be able to read along!! only a few days left until you’re a forever family… hooray!
    i am also a bit jealous of the no hats and mittens!! i would settle for just above freezing, at this point in time!

  2. The tour looked like lots of fun! It looks like you are also having fantastic weather. Isn’t the traffic just crazy over there? Thank goodness for your good taxi driver!

  3. Looks like it isn’t too cold over there. More pleasant to do your sight seeing! Glad you are having a good time and I definetly will take you up on some travel tips. A friend had her baby’s Korean name printed on a scroll to hang at home. Have you come across any vendors doing that?

  4. Finally catching up on all your adventures! This looks awesome. I’m sooo jealous!!!

    I’m especially jealous of the “jewelry” part! Man, I’m going to need to buy an extra suitcase there – I can tell already…

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